Corn Chowdah

12 09 2009

Corn showed up in the CSA panier a couple of weeks ago.  I was excited and wary.  Excited because yay, corn!  Wary because the few ears of cob corn I’ve had in France have been unpalatably starchy.  So before even tasting it I devised a plan.  Corn chowder.  That way I could extract the flavor from the cobs, while the chopped, cooked kernels would have less of a chance to be offensive when combined in a creamy soup with bacon and potatoes.  (How do you make anything taste good?  Bacon and potatoes.)

Corned cream

Fortunately, when I cut the corn kernels from the cob and tasted one, I was rewarded with the crisp crunch of sweet corn.  Hooray!  No animal feed for us tonight!  I reserved the kernels for later and put the halved cobs in a pot with a little cream (okay, a lot of cream), a bay leaf,  and a few sprigs of thyme harvested from my windowbox garden.  I brought it up to a simmer, then covered it and lowered the heat so the cobs and herbs could really infuse the cream with their flavors.

The start of a delicious chowder

As we all know, a good chowder always starts with bacon.  Potatoes are another must-have.  Keeping it simple, I rendered some lardons while dicing potatoes, then threw the potatoes on top of the bacon and tossed to coat the cubes of potato in bacon fat.  I cooked them like that for a few minutes, then added a little white wine and water to cover.  Salt, pepper, and 10 minutes of simmering later, the potatoes were tender and tasty.  Time to strain the corned cream into the pot and add the reserved corn kernels.  Back up to a simmer for another couple of minutes to heat the corn through, and dinner was good to go.

Summery, yet hearty soup

Simple, classic, and great for those first few chilly nights of the changing season.

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4 responses

12 09 2009
hungry dog

Corn and potatoes and bacon, oh my! Your chowder looks delicious!

13 09 2009

I got corn in my box too! Mine was perfectly sweet though so I just ate in slathered in butter!

The chowder looks fantastic, you can’t go wrong with bacon, corn and cream!

14 09 2009

Oh, yum and yum again. I think you’re right about the One Two punch of bacon and potatoes. Hence the US’s obsession with ‘tater skins:) The soup looks wonderful–summery, yet warm and comforting all at once. Yay:D

14 09 2009

hungry dog – Thank you!

Sam – Nothing like corn on the cob drenched in butter. Yum.

pastrychef – Exactly! (And mmm… tater skins. That reminds me of a nifty hors d’oeuvre idea I had last winter…)

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