Tea for Two Tarts, the First

13 08 2009

From the moment the double CSA share’s worth of gorgeous apricots arrived in my kitchen, I knew I wanted to bake something.  As the weekend approached and the supply began to dwindle, I had to tell Nick to stop eating them or I wouldn’t be able to make him a nice dessert on Sunday.  Never mind I didn’t really have a plan, these things usually work themselves out, right?

How to fold a rustic fruit tart

And they did, with a little help from Pierre Hermé and Dorie Greenspan.  Flipping through the French version of Desserts by Pierre Hermé for some apricot inspiration, I was immediately hooked by the recipe for apricots en papillote seasoned with tea.  (For those of you just joining us, I am a big tea drinker.)  The combination sounded wonderful, and I had the perfect floral-citrusy tea to use.  I knew it would be magical.  But I wasn’t so into the papillote.  I mean, who wants to eat roasted parchment paper or foil, no matter how delectable the insides may be?

Look how juicy!

So I joined forces with an old favorite, the rustic fruit tart.  Flaky, buttery pastry is better than parchment any day.   The apricots, tossed with some sugar and a couple pinches of tea, were glistening with juice.  In order to capitalize on the flavorsome liquid, I sprinkled the bottom of the tart with almond meal to soak up some of the good stuff – and prevent leaks, too.

I love a no-fuss crust!

Into the hot oven it went and an hour or so later, I pulled out the browned and caramelized galette.  A friend had joined us for dinner, so we democratically cut the tart in thirds.

A "slice" of apricot-tea tart

Let me tell you, tea does lovely things with apricot.  In this case, the floral aroma and hint of bitter tannin played off the sweet-tart fruit beautifully.  The crust, with its crisp flakes and rich butter flavor was the perfect foil.  Because it wasn’t.  Foil, I mean.  Anyway, I was so pleased with the results that I immediately began contemplating other ways to work tea into my summer fruit desserts…

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14 08 2009

I love tea in desserts! What a great idea 🙂

14 08 2009

Wow, what a great idea. I may try this soon.

14 08 2009

How do the tea leaves work, palate wise? I love this idea, I’m jealous of those gorgeous apricots. The galette looks beautiful.

14 08 2009
Reuben Morningchilde

That sounds amazing, thanks for posting!
May I ask, what kind of tea did you use? Flavoured black, I assume?
I have a gentle yellow (half-fermented green) tea with some yasmin flowers that immediately came to my mind when I read your post, do you think it would work?

15 08 2009

That looks amazing! I love the apricot and tea combo.

16 08 2009
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16 08 2009

Hopie – Thanks! It’s a simple addition, but it makes a huge difference.

honeyandjam – I hope you do! 🙂

Rhonda – In terms of texture, they are no more distracting than the apricot skins… that is to say, not at all.

Reuben – Yes, it was black tea with rose, violet, and citrus. I think a floral green tea like that sounds wonderful!

Sam – Thank you!

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