Exploring France: Bretagne: Lait Ribot

16 04 2009

Remember the buttermilk problem I was having?  (The one where I couldn’t find it despite the fact that it was right under my nose?)  It seems to be worse than I thought.

Traditional Breton Buttermilk

It turns out that there exists a traditional French product which consists of the fermented liquid left over after churning butter.  Sound familiar?  Lait ribot has been made in Bretagne for thousands of years, and many people drink it straight or to wash down another regional specialty: sweet crèpes or savory buckwheat galettes.

So now I have two buttermilk products from which to choose for my cooking, baking (and apparently drinking) needs.  It’s amazing what you can learn when you start researching something.

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16 04 2009

Wow! Who knew you were in such a buttermilk-rich environment?! Maybe it’s time to make some biscuits:)

17 04 2009

You are absolutely right, my friend.

I just remembered to wonder out loud if Brittany is the home of both the crèpe and buttermilk, what of the origins of the Buttermilk pancake so beloved of Americans?

17 04 2009

Love the buttermilk. I like to use it in all sorts of baking and it’s currently the key ingredient in my favorite Artisan Bread in 5 recipe. I bet your French buttermilk blows my Trader Joes version right out of the water!

18 04 2009

Interesting, have you tried drinking it straight?

18 04 2009

Jessica – It’s key in so many great recipes, from cornbread to chocolate cake. Trader Joe’s is a wonderful, magical place. Believe it or not, whenever someone comes over from the states, I ask for snacks from TJ’s. 🙂

Andrea – Just now poured myself a glass. And you know what? It’s not half bad. Very yogurty. I bet it’s great with granola, and I’m thinking it would be good in ice cream or panna cotta, too.

19 04 2009

I had buttermilk straight for the first time the other day too when the little girl I babysit for had some with her after school snack! I like it!!

25 04 2009

Hopie – Is the family originally from Bretagne?

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