Two Birthdays In One

18 02 2013

As you may or may not remember, this blog was essentially on hiatus for most of 2012.  It made me sad to miss celebrating the fourth birthday of Croque-Camille, but work came first.  Now I have a little more time again, so I’m here to right old wrongs and have a proper fourth birthday party!  And fifth.  Because here we are, five years after I started writing here, five years and a few weeks after I moved to Paris, five years and a few days after my own thirtieth birthday, three apartments and two jobs later, and I still love it.  So here goes: a month-by-month recap of the last two years.  When we last left off, it was…

February 2011: There was plenty of exploring, both in town and in the country, and I also started my gig at Girls’ Guide to Paris, where I wrote the recipe of the month for a little over a year.

March 2011: The trip to Budapest was great, and the opening of Candelaria changed the face of Mexican food in Paris, but most of my time was spent looking for yet another new apartment.

April 2011: We did eventually find that apartment (the one we’re in now, and so happy we didn’t have to move last year) and moved in.  I also managed to draw up a post outlining what I think makes a successful fruit salad.  I need to make that kiwi salad again – I have a lot of kiwis right now.

May 2011: I bid farewell to my old neighborhood, still a lively and bustling street that seems to be sprouting new trendy restaurants every week these days.  I also got to spend the day with Katia and Kyliemac, chatting and eating pastries for their podcast.

June 2011: I puzzled over potential career moves (and despite how it all turned out, I don’t think I made the wrong decision) and took a break in St. Malo, eating cheese and kouign amann.

July 2011: Indian cooking, a newfound obsession with vegetable and grain salads, a glorious trip to the Languedoc, and chocolate and candies from Fouquet.

August 2011: The month started with a tour of my new/current kitchen and ended with a delightful meal at Au Passage. (Incidentally, we ate at chef James Henry’s new restaurant, Bones, for my birthday, and loved it.) In between there was Chinese, Mexican, Indian, and Italian eating, and the Four Pounds of Cheese project, where I tried to reduce food waste, and mostly succeeded.

September 2011: In which I try to pretend summer isn’t over yet with a delicious watermelon-basil sorbet.

October 2011: I gave notice at work and announced my new (now former) job as executive pastry chef at Blend.  Speaking of blends, I wrote what I like to think is a helpful post about making your own spice blends.

November 2011: Won a book, made ice cream, ate cheese, started the new (now former) job, and still squeezed in a quick getaway to eat sausage and drink beer in Köln.

December 2011: Opened a restaurant.  Thought I’d share some of my hard-earned knowledge about working with yeast and natural starter.

January-April 2012: Worked pretty much every day.

May 2012: I optimistically thought I would be able to start blogging regularly again.  I made it to one post, a quick, easy recipe for jerk chicken (and some quinoa to go with it) (this was before quinoa was evil).

June-October 2012: Increasingly miserable at work, much-needed vacation, arrange to leave work.

November 2012: Catching up with the blog, defining my life via baking – muffins, wedding cakes, Twinkies.

December 2012: I put the smack down on the “macaron”, and develop some recipes for the McCormick Flavor Forecast.  My friends are still talking about these caramel sage bars.

January 2013: And I started the Paris Pastry Crawl (which I realize I haven’t touched yet for February, but there’s still time). I didn’t mean to rag on Laurent Duchêne quite so much, but I thought it was a valuable lesson, and helpful to show you, my dear readers, what can go wrong when making an éclair.

A huge thank you to all of my readers, past and present, who have kept me going for five (!!!) years.  I might babble into the ether regardless, but it’s so much more rewarding when I know people are out there, reading and commenting and sharing and just generally being interesting people who I love to interact with, whether in cyberspace or real life.

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18 02 2013

You didn’t say why Blend didn’t credit you for the book. That’s uncool of them..

18 02 2013

Huge congratulations! Here’s to many more years to come…

18 02 2013

Congratulations to you on your two birthday’s in one. I definitely enjoy your posts when you get a chance to do them. I know the time it takes and understand that in the midst of work and other responsibilities, sometimes writing posts gets put aside. Those of us who follow a blogger, develop an interest in their writing and lives, and then when they stop, we feel like we have lost a friend. So I for one am very happy to read posts from you on a regular basis. I hope you keep writing them for a long time.

19 02 2013
Lindsey Tramuta (@LostNCheeseland)

Love this! Such an exciting two years. No matter where you are, we’ll follow your edible adventures!

19 02 2013
hungry dog

Congratulations! As a reader, I’ve ebbed and flowed with many blogs but yours has always remained a constant! I look forward to all your future posts.

20 02 2013

Happy birthday X 2, Camille! I was just thinking about the first time we met over homemade xiao long bao. Here’s to many more cooking adventures ahead!

20 02 2013

Happy happy happy fourth and fifth birthday, sisterfriend! Here’s to a magical 2013. I just know it’s going to be great 🙂

21 02 2013

Adrian – Thanks for looking out for me.

Mallika – Thank you!

Michel – Your comment is too sweet. Thank you.

Lindsey – It has certainly been a rollercoaster!

hungry dog – I count you among my oldest and dearest blogfriends. SO glad we met!

Ann – That was so much fun! I hope we get a chance to cook together again soon.

Hannah – Me, too! Cheers!

7 03 2013

Happy Fifth Birthday!!! Crazy how fast time goes. Can’t wait to hear more about your Paris/French/Euro findings in the next year!

11 03 2013

Jessica – I know, sometimes it feels like I just got here!

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