Colorova, and a New Project for 2013!

10 01 2013

I can’t imagine what my life in Paris would be like without this blog.  Not only do I owe the majority of my friendships (apart from Nick’s colleagues, that is) to it, but it’s also been responsible for getting me out into the city, trying new places and dishes, a handful of professional contacts, and even the very apartment I live in.  So it’s sad how neglectful I’ve been of this space in the past year, and I’m starting 2013 with the determination to give it the care and attention it deserves.

colorful Colorova

This was but one topic of discussion with my friend Ann (we met through our blogs and bonded over a shared love of xiaolongbao) as we sipped tea and snacked on pastries in the colorful salon de thé at Colorova (which I learned about on my friend Lindsey’s blog).

Colorova cakes

The pastries, like the room itself, are stylish and artful.  We sampled a tart with speculoos, peanut mousse, and caramel and a “cube” of chocolate cake layered with ganache and passionfruit cream.  In the case of the latter, its beauty surpassed its deliciousness – I think both the chocolate and passionfruit flavors lacked intensity, a fault that maybe as simple to remedy as adding a pinch of salt.  I was smitten with the tart, but Ann wondered what it might be like with a different nut.  Of course, she’s been in the States for the last few months, so maybe she’s not as easily swayed by peanut-flavored things as I am, given that they’re still kind of a novelty in France.

At some point in our conversation, Ann reminded me that I used to have various projects for Croque-Camille, like when I spent each month in 2009 delving into a different regional cuisine of France.  Not only are things like that fun for readers, but I learn from doing them as well.  And it also acts as something of an instant content generator for the blog.  Don’t know what to write about?  Well, what’s this month’s project?  Much less writer’s block.

So I’m starting a new project.  This year, I will dedicate each month to a different French pastry.  I’ll taste examples of said pastry at several pâtisseries around town, learn about the history of it, and give recipe pointers so that you, readers from all across the globe, can bake and eat along with me.  Sound like fun?  I think so.  But I do need your help with one little detail:

Thank you all so much for your help, and your continued readership. It means the world to me.

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16 responses

10 01 2013

Those pastries are making me hungry! I’m jealous you’re in Paris, it’s my favorite place on Earth!

10 01 2013
Lindsey Tramuta (@LostNCheeseland)

So glad you enjoyed Colorova! And I love the idea of diving into a project. SO looking forward to your first pastry reveal!

10 01 2013

Also very excited to see what you are bringing to the virtual table with the new project! Good luck – wish I could be exploring with you (need to get working on that transporter, obviously) 🙂

11 01 2013
Jessicas Dinner Party

Can’t wait!!! The one thing I miss most about Paris is the pastries! Now I can live vicariously through you…and learn a thing or two.

11 01 2013

I voted for “something else”, because I think you should call it “12 Ways To Convince Hannah To Return To Paris”. Not that I’m self-involved or anything though.

P.S. Speculoos yessssssss.

11 01 2013

mothspit – Paris is pretty wonderful, I feel lucky to be here!

Lindsey – Thank you for the recommendation!

researchingsandiego – Yeah, get on that, science. 😉

Jessica – Luckily you have a pretty good idea of how to recreate many of those pastries at home. 🙂

Hannah – The Entice Hannah With Speculoos And Chestnut Pastries Project!

11 01 2013
Needful Things

Yes please!! Such a great idea! I’m hooked already and can’t wait for your first pastry-related post. Could you start with the speculoos-peanut mousse-caramel tart? Pretty please?

12 01 2013

Yay! I’m so happy to read this post and can’t wait to see what the first month features. Thanks for being such a great goûter partner in crime!

12 01 2013

PS Paris by Pastry?

12 01 2013
Inger Wilkerson

How inspired! I like Ann’s Paris by Pastry title, but also something simple like “The Pastry Project” with or without Paris in front… It’s going to be tough not to be in Paris this year 😉

12 01 2013

Needful Things – I’ve already got a plan for this month, but I do plan to do some serious exploration of the tart scene. 🙂

Ann – Thank you for aiding and abetting!

Inger – Well, I’m trying to bring a little bit of Paris to everyone… 😉

13 01 2013

I am looking forward to seeing you do your Paris Pastry Crawl during 2013.

15 01 2013

This looks really delicious!

17 01 2013

Michel – Thanks! Me, too! 🙂

Jaime – It was!

29 01 2013
The Mistress of Spices

Shame I didn’t know about this place when I was in Paris…and even more of a shame that we never met in person! But hopefully we will one of these days. I love the idea of the monthly feature!

30 01 2013

Mistress of Spices – If it makes you feel any better, Colorova just opened last fall, so after you had left? And yes, too bad we never got a chance to meet. Let me know if you’re ever back in Paris!

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