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21 08 2011

This 7 Links meme has been making its way around the internet, and it’s a fun one.  Jennifer of Chez Loulou tagged me for it, and I’ve been having fun going back through the archives – 410 posts in three and a half years! – to find posts that fit the criteria.

1. Most Beautiful

beautifully patterned tiles

The colorful tiled houses and intricate monastery architecture make my first post about our trip to Lisbon last winter an easy choice.

2. Most Popular

Airy Interior

Hands down, my most popular post by far is the one I wrote about gougères, entitled Cheesy Poofs Kick Ass!  This one post actually represents 1% of the total page views on my blog, ever, and it has more than six times the number of views of the next most popular post.  Was it the title?  The step-by-step photos?  I have other posts with clever titles, and good photos, but for some reason this one really caught on.  Maybe I should quote South Park more often.

3. Most Controversial

Strangely enough, my most recent post, on El Guacamole, a new taqueria in Paris, has generated a bit of a debate regarding the relative quality of Mexican restaurants in Paris.  Who knew tacos could be a divisive issue?

4. Most Helpful

Cream of Broccoli Soup - no cream necessary!

It’s going to have to be a tie between my cream soup tutorial and my risotto tutorial.  I actually go back and reference these posts myself, and often.

This is a much prettier risotto picture than the one in the post

5. Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Look at all those juicy goods!

Must Be Scallop Season is actually my second most popular post.  Apparently many many people want to know what a scallop looks like alive.  Who knew pictures of scallops would be in such high demand?

6. Post I Feel Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved

It had a good title, a delicious recipe, and pretty pictures.  So why is Put the Lime in the Coconut down towards the bottom of the stats list?  I was so sure it was going to go viral.

7. Post That I Am Most Proud Of

Wedding cupcake display

Being asked to make the cupcakes for the wedding of my dear friends Hope and D. was an honor.  I was proud of how they came out and so happy to be a part of their special day.  The Great Cupcake Extravaganza was actually a five-part series, covering recipe testing, frosting, tasting, and finally the wedding itself.  (If you only want to read one of those, make it the last one.)

And now, I get to tag five of my blogfriends!

Hope of Hopie’s Kitchen
Hannah of Wayfaring Chocolate
Hails of Coffee Helps
The Hungry Dog
Melissa of Researching Paris
and one more, because I like to break rules sometimes: Jenni of The Balanced Pastry Chef

Tag! You’re it!

On this day in 2008: Baked Chocolate Mousse

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21 08 2011

This is a fun list Camille. I love reading these and remember all of those posts.

21 08 2011
Jenni Field (@onlinepastrychf)

I just came by here to say howdy–I had no idea I’d been tagged! Yay! I will do this sometime this week!

And I loved your post about the tile-work, too. And the cheesy poofs! And I’d forgotten I had been a helper in the lime/coconut tart project. I’m surprised it didn’t go viral, too! 🙂

21 08 2011
Chez Loulou

That pie looks absolutely gorgeous and I agree about the tiles in Portugal. So amazing!

21 08 2011

Dear Cupcake Queen,
Do you have those wire display trays you used at the last wedding? They are awesome.
P.S. I miss you. When you guy are here, we’ll have to sneak off and eat some real tacos. 🙂

21 08 2011

Tammy – I had fun compiling the list, too!

Jenni – Yay! Looking forward to seeing your 7.

Loulou – Yeah, when the subject is beautiful, taking great photos is a snap!

Celine – Those actually belonged to the caterer, so no. But I will never say no to tacos or burritos! 🙂

21 08 2011

There is another tutorial that I have not tried! I’ll have to wait a bit for cream soup season, but then I’m all over it.
Looking forward to the meme (and the motivation it provides to try and start writing again. again.) 🙂

22 08 2011

Okay, I’ve been tagged three times now… I think I’m going to have to set myself up for a night of reminscing sometime soon and get onto this! 😛

I can’t understand why that lime tart didn’t take the world by storm either! So very, very pretty.

Camille… I want to go dessert-hunting with you again.

22 08 2011

“Reminscing”. Well done, Hannah. Well done.

22 08 2011

I am glad you reminisced because I had a chance to see several great posts I had not read before now.

22 08 2011
hungry dog

What fun! Thanks for tagging me. That lime tart is gorgeous. I am sorry I failed to comment on it when you posted it! It is a work of art.

23 08 2011

researchingparis – We just got our summer, finally! I think we can both wait a while for cream soup season to start up again. 🙂

Hannah – You get to reminscing, young lady! 😉

Michel – And I’m glad you enjoyed them!

hungry dog – Goody! Looking forward to seeing what you post!

24 08 2011

Ooh fun! I’m definitely going to read your wedding cupcake posts. My sister is getting married next year and..of course! I’m going to be making stuff!

25 08 2011
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25 08 2011

Jessica – How exciting! I know your cake will be fabulous!

26 08 2011

So much reading material for the weekend 🙂 I too am surprised the lime in the coconut post wasn’t more popular! Oh the things our readers prefer…..!

26 08 2011
Jenni Field (@onlinepastrychf)

Did mine! It was the funnest–thanks, Camille! Here it be, if you’d like to check it out: PS Please, please PLEASE join twitter!

27 08 2011

Lindsey – There’s really no telling sometimes. 🙂

Jenni – Oh, boy! Heading over to read it now!

28 08 2011
Anna Johnston

This is such a fun post, I love it. A cool way to catch all of you. I’m with Hannah, that tart is incredible. Not sure why it didnt capture the blogeshere? Great post. 🙂

28 08 2011

Oh cool! Sounds like fun! I’d love to do it. You’re so right to be proud of those cupcakes. I was remembering them the other day with much fondness. I hardly ate anything at the wedding, but I think I ate two cupcakes despite all the excitement 🙂

29 08 2011
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