The Four Pounds of Cheese Project

7 08 2011

The Four Pounds of Cheese Project

This week I’ve been participating in a food waste awareness event started by Jenni Field, also known as The Balanced Pastry Chef.  It’s called The Four Pounds of Cheese Project, and she came up with the idea after reading a National Geographic article about how much food Americans throw away every year.  In order to raise awareness about the vital issue of food waste, everyone participating has been photographing the food they throw away for a whole week.

I think it’s an important issue on many levels.  On a social level, it is egregious that some of us have so much excess food that it goes to waste, while others are starving.  On an economic level, with the uncertain state of things in many major world economies, it seems prudent to practice spending less money on food, especially that which we don’t need or will end up going to waste.  On an environmental level, you have agribusiness continually trying to increase production by means of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics, and other environmentally harmful practices.  If we realize that we can’t eat five pounds of tomatoes before they go bad, for example, then we won’t buy the bulk-size bag, and if demand for massive amounts of harmfully-produced food decreases, then hopefully so will the use of environmentally damaging chemicals.  Not to mention the landfill space issue with throwing away foods that cannot be (or aren’t) composted.

So without further ado, here’s what I wasted this week:

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