Yet Another Parisian Kitchen

2 08 2011

Remember back in March, when I was on the hunt for an apartment with a reasonable kitchen?  Well, I did find one, thanks to this very blog, and am now happily living and cooking in Paris’ biggest arrondissement – the 15th.  It’s high time I took you on a tour of this new kitchen of mine, don’t you think?

When we first rented the place, the kitchen was as yet unfinished, but it already had lots of potential.

window and sink before travaux

It had a big sink, natural light, tiled backsplash, a few cupboards…

BIG fridge!

A huge refrigerator…

open kitchen

Washer AND dryer, and maybe most importantly, it’s open to the living/dining room.

Nick and I were starting to formulate a plan about how to arrange everything – how many cupboards we’d need to install, what our best stove and oven options were – when our most excellent landlady decided to just go ahead and get the kitchen finished.  When the contractors were done, it was a different (and much better) space.

now with counters!

See all the cupboards?  See the new stove and oven?

it's all falling into place

See the bar top where there used to be just a hole in the wall?


See the dryer ruining my plans to have a huge pantry across the hall?  See the pile of boxes in the next room?

All that remained was for Nick and I to make the place our own.

Home sweet kitchen

You’ll notice that we’ve been up to our old tricks: knife magnet, hanging pots and utensils… basically using every inch of space available, be it cupboard, counter, or wall.

view from the living room

I’ve got my silicone spatulas and wooden spoons handy on the left of the stove; my salt, pepper, and olive oil are at the ready on the right.  Note the abundance of tomatoes in the fruit bowl.

in which everyone wins

I’ve even managed to reconcile the dryer and the pantry.  (When I saw how well the dryer works and realized that it meant no more trips to the laundromat for me, I was willing to make some concessions on the pantry of my dreams.)

So there you have it.  As usual, I’ve put the after photos in the apparently ever-growing set of Parisian kitchen photos on Flickr, or you can click each of the last three photos individually if you want to know all the minute details of how I fit everything into what is probably my smallest kitchen yet in Paris.  But I’m very happy in it.  Now if only it had a dishwasher…

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2 08 2011

I love the photos and the way your commentary brought my attention to things I might have otherwise missed.

Very well written and overall lovely post. It looks like you and your (inset appropriate term for person mentioned as Nick) have really made it your own!

My American kitchen that also has a washer/dryer in it and if two people stand in it together they are touching! It is nice to know this is a global epidemic we’re tacking world-wide! Ha

I’m looking into that kitchen knife magnet soon. 🙂

2 08 2011

Camille, I will never ever complain about the minute size of my Shanghai kitchen again! You’ve done a great job of making it your own. Why do Parisians (not yourselves, other Parisians) have this disconnect between their love of food and their kitchens?

3 08 2011

Your post, and all the photos, made me laugh our loud and smile Camille.
I’m do glad that kitchen worked out for you!

3 08 2011

Oh, Camille! It’s all so bright and new and shiny and, most importantly, yours! HURRAH! 😀

P.S. I’m also envious of anyone with a freezer where you don’t have to kick the shelf closed so that the door will seal… Don’t tell my housemate I said that.

P.P.S. Actually, screw it. It’s my family’s fridge anyway.

3 08 2011

So jealous of your wonderful kitchen! It feels like so homey and full of character.

3 08 2011

AND! you have a dryer!!!!!!

3 08 2011

I’m sorry, Camille, but I think you made a typo: “how WELL the dryer works”???? That can’t be right.

3 08 2011

I am very happy that your landlady finished out the kitchen in your new apartment. I am sure you will have a good time cooking and baking there. I look forward to seeing your future posts.

3 08 2011
Loui Franke

I have been living in Paris and had renovated. I just came upon your blog – bravo! When we bought our apartment there was Nothing in the kitchen except for a sink that was unusable and a water heater! Your readers should know that you had a great starter – Americans are so spoiled. 🙂


3 08 2011

It looks great!! It actually looks really similar to our kitchen – long and narrow with lots of shelf-space. I’m jealous of your opening though, I would love to do the same chez nous!

PS. Welcome to the neighborhood. 🙂

3 08 2011

So jealous of a real refrigerator/freezer (not to mention the working dryer), but I can vouch in person how much character and functional the kitchen really is. Looking forward to many more adventures there 🙂

3 08 2011
nancie malmquist

Knowing how much it means to you and Nick,I’m thrilled for you and happy you can discard those drying racks!!

3 08 2011

Challahgirl – Thank you so much for your compliments! The knife magnet is one of my very favorite things to put in a kitchen – I highly recommend it!

Fiona – It really doesn’t make much sense. I guess they’re all dining out? Though with the rent prices in this town, I don’t know who can afford to do that every night…

MZ – Me, too!

Hannah – If it makes you feel any better, the fridge and freezer are actually hinged on the wrong side, in that the doors open towards the kitchen, effectively blocking food access from that side. 😉

Jessica – We lucked out, for sure!

Barbra – You’re right. It should be “how GOOD the dryer works”, 😉

Michel – Thanks, I alteady am! 🙂

Loui – I’ve often wondered if Parisian kitchens are where the expression “everything but the kitchen sink” came from.

ksam – Thank you! i’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat in person the other night, but I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon!

researchingparis – So am I. 🙂

nancie – Well, I still use them for the clothes, but not having to lug the towels and sheets down to the laundromat to dry makes us very happy indeed.

4 08 2011

I know! I didn’t realize until much too late that you were down at the other end of the table. So another time for sure!

4 08 2011

I am kitchen OBSESSED right now and am loving all your space-saving tricks. Congratulations on a lovely new home! May you have many lovely meals produced in this kitchen (I’m sure you will).

5 08 2011

Love the before and after pictures. I have an urge to run out and buy a rack to hang my pots and utensils. And paint my cupboards white! Looking forward to following along with your new kitchen adventures.

5 08 2011

I remember that kitchens are a sometimes a problem in Parisian appartments, it definitely is partly linked to the fact that many flats are not that big. Though some Parisian do very well in decorating and make the most possible out of the room they have. I see, you are in the top league, I very much like what you made out of your kitchen, congratulations, it looks very cosy. And thanks for your pictures, very interesting. Looking forward to your next post!

5 08 2011

Ann – Thank you! Again, if you ever want any advice, I’m happy to help!

Margie – Heh. Thanks. The pot racks are an amazing space-saver.

Lemon – Well, I’ve had a lot of practice by now. 🙂

5 08 2011

I need lessons from you – I thought I was the queen of kitchen-space-maximization until I saw these photos. You’ve done a great job & I love that you get lots of natural light in there. Bravo et happy cooking dans la nouvelle cuisine!

7 08 2011
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