The One Where I Get Podcasted

30 05 2011

Just a quick update, because this week is pure insanity, but I got to spend Saturday with the lovely Katia and Kyliemac, of K&K Podcast fame.  We took a field trip to the pâtisserie where I work, picked up some tasty treats to sample, and went back to the studio to record a couple of shows.  The first one, episode 441, is already up, and the second one should be posted midweek.  I hope you’ll listen!

In fact, I think you should be listening to Katia and Kyliemac anyway.  I dare you to read one of their show titles and not want to listen.  They are a dynamic duo, whether they’re interviewing “interesting people doing interesting things” or just chatting about the expat life or current issues in Paris.  It’s easy to spend the whole afternoon listening, and I expect you’ll soon consider them friends, as I do.

UPDATE: Episode 442 is now up, in which we talk about some of the secrets of the pastry shop and the life of a pastry chef!

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31 05 2011
hungry dog

I’ll definitely check out the podcast. Good luck with your busy week!

31 05 2011

Sounds like my kind of podcast. Happy to see you get some recognition.

1 06 2011

Loved the podcast! Thanks for introducing us to K&K.

1 06 2011

Ooh, I’ve never heard of them, but better check it out!

2 06 2011

I can’t wait to listen to this!

4 06 2011
Tammy McLeod

Looking forward to listening to this Camille. I’m happy to see you get some kudos.

4 06 2011

hungry dog – Thank you! I survived, and am enjoying a relaxing weekend.

Michel – Thanks!

Kiran – It was my pleasure. Glad you enjoyed it!

Jessica – I think you’ll really enjoy their show.

Ann – Goody!

Tammy – Thank you! I hope you like it.

5 06 2011

Bonjour! Glad to have heard about you on the podcast. I loved the interview!

6 06 2011
Inger Wilkerson

Listening to 441 now–what a wonderful interview! Insprirational to young people making their start in the world (will send to my college aged daughter, who coincidentally is getting ready to study in Britain next year), followed by the mouth-watering pastry discussion. Who would have thought that mere words could make you drool!

7 06 2011

Going to catch up on their shows this weekend, can’t wait to hear you!

8 06 2011

Maia – Thanks! Glad to hear it!

Inger – What an awesome compliment!

Lindsey – I hope you enjoy the shows!

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