You Know It’s Springtime When…

16 05 2011

… You finally get to take the sweaters to the dry cleaners.

… The flowers are in bloom, and the allergies go into overdrive.

… It’s starting to get light out when you go to work in the morning.  (Or maybe that’s just me.)

… The laundry dries in less than a day.

… Heaters, schmeaters!

… You bust out the sandals from the depths of the closet.

… Fresh produce abounds in the market: strawberries, lettuces, radishes, rhubarb, peas…

… Parisian café terraces are constantly full.

… Every food blog on the internet starts posting asparagus recipes.

Here’s mine, a warm herbed asparagus salad with poached eggs, at Girls’ Guide to Paris.  It’s not only great for brunch, but makes a lovely light supper as well.

On this day in 2008: L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon – still one of the best and most memorable dining experiences I’ve had in Paris.

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17 05 2011

… And your darling soul sister friend in Australia (big head, me?) starts wearing ugg boots to work. Sigh.

17 05 2011

I don’t know. I’ve been duped before – putting away the heater(s), gloves, and scarves, only to be hit with a second wave of cold. Don’t change that comforter yet! : )

17 05 2011
Chez Loulou

We were sweltering under hot, humid weather late last week then on Sunday we were bundling up under blankets again when the temperature dropped 30 degrees F. Things are back to normal. For now…
You’re right about every food blog posting asparagus recipes every spring. So true! lol

17 05 2011

I thought we were almost into summer here in Northern California and then along came more rain putting me in a foul frame of mind. I am ready for blue sky and sunshine for about 5 months with no rain if we are lucky. Enjoy spring in Paris.

17 05 2011

Oh your asparagus dish sounds divine. I do love the egg and asparagus combo. Sadly I’m stuck downunder too and scraping the frost off the windscreen when I left work tonight. No asparagus for some time 😦

17 05 2011

Hannah – But didn’t you miss your boots just a little bit? I’m always happy the first few weeks of the change of seasons when I get to wear things I haven’t worn in months.

David – Very true. Good thing I haven’t made it to the dry cleaners just yet! 🙂

Loulou – Spring can be, and usually is, crazy in the weather department.

Michel – I know exactly how you feel.

Louise – Thank you! And you have winter squash to console you, right? It’s one of the most comforting vegetables there is, I think.

17 05 2011
Veronica Gantley

I actually got sunburned the other day. I still have my winter clothes out, just incase. I love asparagus. Thanks for the recipe

18 05 2011
hungry dog

That looks really good. I’m finally coming around to eggs and am interested in learning how to poach them. Thanks for the simple directions. And, we noticed “le brunch” was big in Paris when we were there. It was very surprising!

18 05 2011
Inger Wilkerson

I totally need to go out and get some asparagus now (even though we still have yet to hit 70 this strange spring…)

19 05 2011
The Mistress of Spices

Vive le printemps! I haven’t posted the obligatory asparagus recipe as of yet…but surely will soon!

19 05 2011

Veronica – I guess it may not feel to hot yet, but the sun can still burn you!

hungry dog – There are few simpler pleasures than a perfectly poached egg.

Inger – Get while the gettin’s good! 🙂

Mistress of Spices – Can’t wait to see your take on it!

20 05 2011

Yay for spring! I love that it’s still light out at 9pm!

20 05 2011

Jessica – So do I, but it has a tendency to make me stay up too late. Trouble when you have to get up at 5! 🙂

22 05 2011

I don’t even like asparagus but that shot has me salivating! Gorgeous!

As for the “blistering” temps…. I fear where’s in for either a canicule or a dismal summer. A voir….

23 05 2011
Fiona at Life on Nanchang Lu

Lovely recipe! The markets here are full of asparagus too – delicious!

23 05 2011

Lindsey – Canicule! Canicule! I’m sick of these cold summers! My shorts and sleeveless tops feel severely neglected. 🙂

Fiona – So how do the Chinese like to prepare asparagus?

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