untitled (paris in the rain)

28 04 2011

there’s something cozy about paris in the rain.

drizzle, rather.

the glistening zinc rooftops, the early dark

make me want to settle in, shut down,

look at lit windows and imagine the home inside.

it must be cozy in there.  i bet they’re eating something delicious.


soon i’ll be in my home, my windows invitingly lit, warm smells coming from my stove.

porcini ravioli, spinach cream sauce, wish we had some garlic and parmesan,

but it will still hit the spot.

rhubarb poached in blood orange juice and brown sugar.

warm, atop vanilla ice cream.  maybe.

inspired by a fortune cookie:

a noria turns buckets.

in the rain

everything stops.

take a deep breath,

and just.




jobs, recipes, phone calls, address changes, photo editing

can wait one more day.


it’s me and the stove in this borrowed apartment

in paris

in the rain.

On this day in 2008: Fish Stock Use #1: Seafood Risotto

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7 responses

29 04 2011

I. Just. Heart. You. I long to have the courage to put my poetry on my blog – thank you for being inspiring. More? More beautiful evocative Camille poems?

29 04 2011

Beautiful! Captures the essence of Parisian rain.

30 04 2011
Fiona at Life on Nanchang Lu

Camille – that’s simply beautiful.
I’m hoping this means you found a really great apartment?

1 05 2011

Hannah – Thank YOU for the encouragement. 🙂 I don’t find myself inspired to write things in verse very often, but I know it can be habit-forming. We’ll just have to wait and see if more are in the offing.

Jessica – Thanks!

Fiona – We did, but as the kitchen is being redone (yay!) we’re staying in a vacation rental until it’s finished.

3 05 2011

So evocative. I think I feel like that most nights, not just rainy ones.

3 05 2011
hungry dog

I am happy to say I have now experienced Paris in the rain–and your description is spot-on!

4 05 2011

Ann – I know what you mean.

hungry dog – Thanks! I’m glad you’re happy about the rain! 🙂

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