Moving Week, or Eating Down The Pantry

12 04 2011

I had ambitions to write up a lovely parting post for my street this week. I went out on Saturday, which was gloriously sunny and took lots and lots of pictures, and even a little video, but now the thought of going through them all and writing something worthwhile about each one feels too daunting. I seem to have forgotten, despite the fact that I did it just one year ago, exactly how much physical and mental energy it takes to pack up your entire apartment. Time, too. The good news is that we did finally find an apartment, one we’re excited to move into, in a completely new neighborhood which will be fun to explore and get to know. Don’t worry, I’ll give my current neighborhood a proper sendoff. It will just be after the move.

Logic would dictate that the more things you eat out of your pantry and fridge before you move, the fewer things you have to move. I think we’ve been doing a pretty good job with this.  The freezer is now empty, save for a few trays of ice cubes and a couple of ice packs, and the fridge contains mainly condiments.  Tonight I finished off the bag of frozen spinach, the tomato paste, the milk, the cream, and the harissa – all went into a bread pudding that smells delightful.

Last night I indulged in a fresh goat cheese crottin in the name of going through a large quantity of lettuce.

Salade de Chèvre Chaud

Yep. I made a lovely salade de chèvre chaud.  The rest of the baguette and cheese also ended up in tonight’s dinner.  Speaking of, the oven timer just went off!  Time to eat.

On this day in 2010: Fribourg d’Alpage (A wonderful cheese.)

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12 04 2011
hungry dog

Congrats on the new apartment! That’s great news. Your salad looks lovely, who can resist goat cheese crostini? Certainly not me.

13 04 2011

I am happy that you found a new apartment and that salad looks just delicious. Let me ask you-do you have any suggestions on hotels-clean yet cheap and good location. The 6th is my favorite.


13 04 2011

If only I could make something this delicious and wholesome out of my fridge if i found myself in a clear-it-out emergency! Alas, I’d be stuck eating nothing but nuts, chocolate, sunflower seed butter, two heads of broccoli, horseradish cream, and worcestershire sauce.

Actually, that doesn’t sound half-bad…

13 04 2011

I’m so excited you guys have found a new place! I can’t wait to hear all about it and the new neighbourhood! Let me know if you need any help with the move – I am good at carrying boxes 🙂

13 04 2011
The Mistress of Spices

Good luck with the move…I know how painful it can be, especially here, but hopefully you will enjoy your new neighborhood!

13 04 2011

Just read about the Gruyère d’alpage ! As it happens, I live only miles away from the area where it is produced (Gruyère). I understand your enthusiasme about this particular cheese. The milk given by the cows during their Summer stay in the high mountain pastures or alpage in French, has a different taste than any other. Hence this very special quality. Gruyère d’alpage or any other cheese produced with “alpage milk” is certainly one of the best. It is quite rare too, so when you find some… buy it ! I am very glad you enjoyed it 🙂

13 04 2011

Congrats on finding an apt.!
Am also eating down the pantry but nothing as lovely as that salad has come out of the contents of my fridge 😉

13 04 2011

Yayayay! New apartment! I am so thrilled for you. Let me know if you need help moving. I hope we’ll get to see a picture of the kitchen-sink savory bread pudding!

13 04 2011

Congrats!! Hope it’s got plenty of kitchen space! 🙂

13 04 2011

hungry dog – Goat cheese crostini make everything better!

Esme – I’m afraid I’m not very up-to-date on Paris hotels, much less the 6th (I’m a Right Bank girl, until the end of the week anyway). I suggest you look at Secrets of Paris, where Heather has lots of great information for your stay in Paris.

Hannah – Pan-roasted broccoli with horseradish-sunflower-worcestershire sauce floowed by a chocolate-and-nut dessert sounds pretty good to me, too!

Katia – Thank you! I’ll send you an email. 🙂

Mistress of Spices – I’m always excited to have a new part of Paris to explore! I think there’s something to love about every neighborhood here. 🙂

isathreadsoflife – It is a very special cheese indeed.

Grapefruit – Thanks!

Ann – Alas, I didn’t get a picture, and now it has disappeared into my belly. 🙂

ksam – Merci! I’ll be sure to post pictures here when it’s up and running!

13 04 2011

Hi – sorry to hijack the comments for this post but couldn’t find an email address for you on your blog. Wanted to ask if you’d like to join in for curry-palooza next month? I looked over the blog you recommended, thought it was great and so I might pick something out of that for the first friday in May. Let me know! Thanks!

15 04 2011
Tammy McLeod

Congratulations on the new place. I also have a ton of lettuce to use up!

18 04 2011

It has been a year already since you moved????!!!!! My oh my!!!!! I hope you have much happines, warmth, sunshine, good meals, great wine and beer, and fabulous conversations in your new place!

18 04 2011

Grapefruit – My contact email is available on my About page. I’ll get intouch with you directly.

Tammy – Thanks!

Nanan – What a wonderful housewarming wish! Thank you!

18 04 2011

This is the funnest part of moving–creatively using up all the little this-and-thats that are taking up space. Chevre on anything is fine w/me! I use leftover pieces by melting it into simple marinara and pouring the whole thing over pasta. I see you have taken the healthier route. 😉 So happy you guys have found a place! Can’t wait for the tour–good luck with the move!

19 04 2011

Jenni – I am now working on the opposite challenge – cooking without a pantry! The kitchen in the new place is being remodeled, and it’s not done yet, so I can’t unpack anything.

22 04 2011
Anna Johnston

Owhhh, I so detest moving, I know you end up with a awesome new abode, but the yukki moving & packing & unpacking bit does me in, so sympathies…, but on the other hand congratulations, this is one stunning little salad. Enjoy your new place 🙂

23 04 2011

Anna – Thank you, I’m really looking forward to getting settled.

23 05 2011
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