Simplest Apple Tart

17 01 2011

When I’m at a loss as to what to cook or bake, I start by going through my pantry, fridge, and freezer.  I’ve had a puff pastry shell lurking in the freezer – taking up valuable space – for quite a while now, and I’ve been wanting to use it, but then a better idea comes along for those vegetables and I end up making dal again instead of that curried vegetable potpie I liked so much last winter.

Sliced apples and puff pastry...

I also tend to have a surfeit of apples in the fruit bowl in the winter.  (We are largely in the season of  storage vegetables these days, and apples keep for months in the cold.)  Two birds?  One stone. butter, brown sugar, and honey

We were already making tamales that weekend (Nick’s promised me a guest post about them, but let me assure you, they were fantastic) so I didn’t want to do anything too fussy.  A simple paste of butter, brown sugar, honey, and a pinch of vanilla salt was all I needed to turn these two pantry staples into a rustically beautiful dessert.

Apple tart, baked to a lovely golden-brown

The secret ingredient melts over the sliced apples as they bake, giving them a burnished beauty and creating a gooey filling to the tart.  Really, there are few things I’ve made that have such an incredible effort-to-payoff ratio.

What can you cook out of your pantry right now?

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17 01 2011

I was thinking of making apple tarts last night and made applesauce instead. Thank you for this recipe.

18 01 2011

I love the sliced nature of the apples – must ensure the most brilliant contrast between caramelised edges and soft interiors 🙂

I have never, in my life, had puff pastry in the freezer though. That takes away part of the “simple” bit, I think. (Because, you know, it’s *so* hard to walk across the road to the supermarket…) 😛

18 01 2011

Lovely! I want to eat it. All of it. Vanilla salt–smartie! 😉

Let’s see, what can I make out of my pantry right now? Well, I made brown sugar-cinnamon pancakes for breakfast this morning. Still trying to use up that sr flour! I have some apples, so I could prolly make some homemade pop tart thingies, if I felt like it. Which I don’t. I just want that tart you made! lol

I’m making some puff tomorrow for a video. Have been dithering about trying to decide when to do it, but I am taking this post as a Sign from Above, or at least from France, that I should get on with it already!

18 01 2011
Heidi Whitman

Sounds delish! I might just cook up some apples without the puffed pastry part. Camille, your adventures sound awesome!! -Heidi

18 01 2011

Oh I wish my pantry provided me with such delights- this looks fabulous.

18 01 2011
foodie and the chef

Oh yummy, my saliva glands are working over-time 🙂 This looks stunning.

18 01 2011

That looks amazing. I am sure it tastes even better than it looks.

18 01 2011

That looks fabulous – and I bet I could fix it in the toaster-oven I got for our kitchen here in Bogota (no other oven eeks)!!!! Here’s to living in a foreign country!!! Cheers!

18 01 2011
hungry dog

Holy moly, this is gorgeous. Everything you make looks so elegant. Whenever I bake it looks like a bomb went off.

18 01 2011

the simplest indeed! it looks really yummy!

18 01 2011

Esme – You’re welcome! Applesauce is another favorite around here in the winter.

Hannah – Well put! I mainly sliced them for aesthetic reasons, but it certainly helps with the cooking aspect, too. 🙂

Jenni – If you made this with homemade puff, I’m sure it would be Beyond.

Heidi – Looks like you’ve been having some pretty great adventures yourself!

Louise – Thank you! I’m sure your pantry has something wonderful hidden in it, too. 🙂

foodie and the chef – Thanks!

Michel – I actually think it tastes better if it’s cooked a little longer, maybe a touch past the visually appealing stage. Still, nobody seemed to mind eating it. 🙂

Nanan – I know all about trying to cook with a toaster oven – I did it my first three months in Paris. Good luck!

hungry dog – The trick is close-up photos. 😉

something good – Thank you very much!

18 01 2011
spider flower

I just go weak at the knees for baked apple desserts – this looks amazing. Thank you for sharing your secret ingredient, I don’t know whether I would have been so kind 🙂

18 01 2011

I’ve always wanted an apple tart recipe in repertoire. This looks too good to pass up, thanks!

18 01 2011

“in my repertoire” Doh!

18 01 2011
Lisa @ Tarte du Jour

Lovely! I love your simple paste….I’m going to try this. I’ve always arranged my pears like this but with my apples I’ve always made concentric circles. I’m going to try it this way! Thanks!

18 01 2011

What can I cook out of my pantry right now? Hmm… plain rice? Scambled eggs? Hot dogs and beans? I’m VERY impressed with your pantry yield.

19 01 2011

Haha probably the same thing! Except, mine would be a pate sucree.

19 01 2011

spider flower – I guess I can’t really call it a secret anymore, can I? 😉

Ryan – Tee hee. This is a great one to have up your sleeve because it requires so little, but looks and tastes great.

Lisa – It’s my pleasure.

Ann – I suppose some good comes from being something of a packrat… 🙂

Jessica – Heh. Funny.

20 01 2011

This tart is delicious! But seriously, what do we have to do to get Nick to write about the tamales?

21 01 2011

Barbra – I’m working on him…

10 02 2011

‘Rustically beautiful’ describes this best – I’ll bet it was as scrumptious as it looks.
What can I cook out of my pantry? Some pears are begging to be made into a tart but I’ve been just too lazy. After a look at this gorgeous dessert, I’m re-inspired 😉

15 02 2011

Grapefruit – That’s what I like to hear!

12 04 2011
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