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5 01 2011

Long time no see.  I’ve missed you, and I hope these loooong work days will become fewer and further between.  I’ve got some exciting news, though – you and your baby sister are both featured in the “Sites We Like” section of the new Pizza Quest website, headlined by none other than Peter Reinhart, the bread guru.

I’ve also got a picture for you.  It isn’t much, just what we had for dinner last night.  I’m thinking of making it a little feature called “One Meal, One Photo, One Sentence” for days (or weeks) when writing a whole post isn’t in the cards, but I’m still eating delicious things that I want to share with you.  It’s inspired in part by this post that Jenni recently wrote on Pastry Methods and Techniques, in particular this sentence:

We even decided that reading one of those ridiculously long-named menu items is often enough of a recipe, or at least a guideline so we can make a reasonable facsimile at home.

So here’s a picture, and a short description, just in case you want to make your own version.

Thai fish

Fillets of lieu noir (maybe pollock, at any rate a firm, flavorful white fish) with Thai flavors (tamarind, ginger, scallion, lime, fish sauce) baked in a banana leaf.  I served them with green curry rice, broccoli in a spicy peanut sauce, and a fabulous Australian-French white.

Happy New Year, and may 2011 be filled with good food and good friends!

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5 01 2011

Luscious! I’m glad my ranty post inspired you. Lovely to see you back; hopefully you’re well-rested. Or well-ish rested, anyway! And I could absolutely make a reasonable version of this yummy fish based on the long-tail name! 🙂

5 01 2011
foodie and the chef

How healthy – it looks perfect for summer here in Sydney !

6 01 2011

Congratulations!! Very exciting for your two blogs 🙂 I very much like the “one” idea – if only I could tone down my insane wordiness sometimes and commit to that too 😛

Fingers crossed for more breathing space at work (in more ways than one) soon!

6 01 2011
Chez Loulou

What a great mention! I love Peter Reinhart.
Really like the idea of the “One Meal, One Photo, One Sentence” entry.
Happy New Year Camille! Hope to see you two again soon.

6 01 2011

That looks delicious! We miss you guys. Good luck with the, um, changes the new year will hopefully bring 🙂

7 01 2011
hungry dog

Happy new year! I’ve missed you! This looks lovely and simple, just my style. Like the idea of your new feature, looking forward to it!

7 01 2011

Jenni – I don’t know about rested, but at least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

foodie and the chef- I guess that makes it a pretty good year-round dish!

Hannah – Thank you! Maybe I’ll make an event of it so you’ll be forced to… >:)

Loulou – Hope to see you again soon as well.

Celine – Thanks! We miss you guys, too. Hope the move/apartment hunting is going well!

hungry dog – Aw, thanks! And I’m so glad so many people are excited about this idea… I might just have to make it an international event!

8 01 2011

I love fish in papillote, but banana leaves take it to a whole new level! Hope you rest well in the post-holiday lull and look forward to see your blog’s new features!

8 01 2011
Tammy McLeod

Congratulations on the features of your blog and your dish looks divine. All of my favorite flavors and I had forgotten about cooking in banana leaves…

8 01 2011

If it’s any concession, my recent obsession has been to do my best to prevent the further destruction of our local aquifers via the insidious ‘fracking’ that you can learn all about in Josh Fox’s film, “Gasland.”

Unfortunately, FRANCE is in dire need of a good research writer/(translator,) if it is to overcome the current threat to Provence, and the culinary heritage they have knownfor Centuries.

Like GMO Corn, and Soy, once you allow them to frac-drill into your shale beds, you can never reclaim the soil or the air.

Having just witnessed the sight of over 200,000 dead fish in the Arkansas River, please don’t be offended as I pass on this catch of the day. With King Salmon that is full of Mercury, (and/or dyed bright orange,) who knows which foods we can afford to eat these days?

FYI: Word is, “GMO’s IS the method the elite’s plan to use in bringing down the world population!” After the euro & the dollar crash, seed availability will be especially curtailed when individual companies and their production facilities are said to be (or rumored) to have suddenly disappeared.

…If you are into the David Lebovitz school ofpure gluttony, now is your best chance to audit a course in creme brule, or to dive right into a box of Hermes cookies!

Doubtless, Peter Reinhart is the talk of any good outdoor cooking party lately. Admittedly, I’m a bit afraid to venture into the curious depths of the sourdough valley. Having began baking back in 1966, with a different kind of San Fransisco legacy, called “Tassajara Bread,” I’ve no need to leap into anything more difficult, yet.

I will attest that the Italians have contributed one remarkable thing in the history of practical gastronomy, which is a very white bread that is much like the classic American southern country biscuits. Is this possibly due to a very different kind of flour? I have only tasted it once in Modena, where it was found to be the perfect ‘antidote’ for Mama-Mia’s lasagna and that fire-in-your-belly, cheap regional wine.

8 01 2011

PS: Camille, now that the Holidays are over, is there any chance you could pay a visit to the Galleries Lafeyette area to access the Menus and ideally meet my friend, Chef Jacques Cagna?


11 01 2011

Congrats on making it on the Reinhart site! Happy New Year!

11 01 2011

Ann – The banana leaves add a surprising amount of aroma to the dish as well.

Tammy – Thanks!

TSGordon – I’m not sure what most of that has to do with my post, but I do agree that seafood can be problematic. One of the main reasons I don’t eat very much of it is because I have such a hard time remembering which fish are safe/politocally correct to eat these days!

Grapefruit – Thank you, and happy new year to you, too!

12 01 2011
Lisa @ Tarte du Jour

We eat a lot of fish here in Florida. Thanks for the interesting new recipe!
I love the sound of the Thai flavors. Can’t wait to try it!

12 01 2011

Lisa – You’re very welcome. I hope you like it!

10 02 2011
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