Keeping Warm

7 12 2010

Temperatures in Paris have been hovering around freezing for over a week now.  I’ve been doing lots of things to keep warm.  Nick and I went to Lisbon for a long weekend, where it was much warmer than it is here.  (It was also a fabulous travel destination, and you will definitely get to read about it soon.)  Last night when I got home after a very long day at work – ah, the life of a pastry chef in December – I wasn’t feeling well at all, so my stay-warm strategy was to snuggle up in bed with the cat.  Today, I’ve been keeping warm in front of the stove and oven, making celery salt, sage oil, apple sorbet, rugelah, and mushroom risotto.  None of these activities, however, involves the computer, which explains my radio silence of late.  I hope you’ll forgive me, and I’ll see you back here soon.

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7 12 2010

Stay warm, Camille! My strategies sound similar to yours. Except for the Lisbon part! lol

Today’s stay warm activity was green tomato chutney. I think I might make some egg nog and/or some spiced cider, as well.

7 12 2010

Do stay warm. I just arrived home last night after a week in Paris-with a nice Parisian cold. It was freezing there. You missed the snow on Saturday. I am also in bed cuddled under the sheets with the kitties next to me. I cannot wait to start cooking with all my new spices.

8 12 2010

I’m so relieved to hear from you! Funnily enough, just this morning I was making breakfast and thinking “I haven’t heard from Camille in a while – I might email her and check that everything’s okay”. Particularly as I knew work’s been a bit less-than-pleasant for you lately 😦

I’m glad some of the quietness has been about Lisbon gallivanting, though! Now, stay warm and nibble on some of your massive Valrhona stash 😉

8 12 2010

Bon rétablissement Camille ! Lisbonne est une merveilleuse destination, á découvrir pour moi. C´est quoi “rugelah” ?

8 12 2010

I look foward to hearing about your weekend visit to Lisbon.

8 12 2010

Hurrah for Lisbon!! Boo for the freezing temps – doesn’t it make you want to put on some warm fuzzy socks and put your feet on the radiator while siping some nice red wine and listening to come fabulous christmas tunes – oh and snuggling with the cat is a must also (even though if you can get the guy to snuggle some too – that would be even better – since I assume he is bigger than the cat, thus providing more warmth hehehe) – great idea there!

8 12 2010
hungry dog

Trips to Lisbon, making risotto, snuggling with the kitty–all excellent activities and much more interesting than typing away at a computer. Enjoy a little break! We’ll be here. 🙂

8 12 2010

Jenni – I’ve been thinking about eggnog lately, too.

Esme – Ah, but it snowed plenty yesterday and today to make up for it! 🙂

Hannah – Aw, aren’t you sweet! Chocolate really does make everything better.

isa – Rugelah est une sorte de pâtisserie vendue dans les boulangeries juives aux Etats-Unis. Il y aura des photos et peut-être une recette ici bientôt!

Michel – I’ve been having fun going through the pictures so far!

Nanan – Would you believe that I’m wearing my fuzziest socks and have my feet on the radiator right now? 😉

hungry dog – Thanks, friend. 🙂

8 12 2010

Don’t feel bad. I’ve not updated in a while, but tonight I shall overcome my laziness!

9 12 2010

It’s the perfect weather to stay inside. Keep warm, Camille!

PS I love the snowflakes drifting across your site, but when I first saw them I thought I was seeing spots!

11 12 2010

Ryan – I was just looking at your blog to see if you’d made the celery salt yet. It appears you haven’t…

Ann – Heh. Sorry. 🙂 I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have snow on my blog!

12 12 2010
Fiona at Life on Nanchang Lu

Get well soon! I can highly recommend the Hot Toddy, famous Scottish pick-me-up – lemon juice, honey, whisky, hot water. Tastes better than it sounds…

12 12 2010
Tammy McLeod

Enjoy a break Camille and rest and replenish. I was thinking that it had been a while and you reminded me about celery salt! See you when we do.

13 12 2010
14 12 2010

Fiona – Oh, I’m a big fan of the hot toddy. 🙂

Tammy – Thank you, I’m doing just that.

Ryan – D’oh! How did I miss that? Thanks for the link.

15 12 2010
ana mungioli

I’ll send you some heat. here in Rio is quite hot…More than 35 C everyday…

18 12 2010

ana – Thanks! I’ll take 35 C over 35 F any day!

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