Keeping Warm

7 12 2010

Temperatures in Paris have been hovering around freezing for over a week now.  I’ve been doing lots of things to keep warm.  Nick and I went to Lisbon for a long weekend, where it was much warmer than it is here.  (It was also a fabulous travel destination, and you will definitely get to read about it soon.)  Last night when I got home after a very long day at work – ah, the life of a pastry chef in December – I wasn’t feeling well at all, so my stay-warm strategy was to snuggle up in bed with the cat.  Today, I’ve been keeping warm in front of the stove and oven, making celery salt, sage oil, apple sorbet, rugelah, and mushroom risotto.  None of these activities, however, involves the computer, which explains my radio silence of late.  I hope you’ll forgive me, and I’ll see you back here soon.

Originally published on Croque-Camille.

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