Around Paris: 5th: Boca Mexa

24 10 2010

Friday night I met up with Katia and Kyliemac, Paris’ most famous expat podcasters.  We started off with a few happy hour margaritas at La Perla in the marais, but before long we were hungry for something more substantial than guacamole and chips.  I’ve eaten at La Perla before, and have found their food to be hit-and-miss.  Mexican sounded pretty good, though.

The Great Wall of Hot Sauce

Fortunately, my companions had recently heard tell of a new Mexican place on rue Mouffetard.  Preliminary reviews were of the raving variety, so we decided to go on a little adventure.  Walking down one of the Left Bank’s liveliest streets, we discussed how none of us came over here very much, and whether the area was more touristy or if it was the habitual convergence of foreign students that makes it what it is.  Which is generally, pretty fun, although there may be one too many English pubs catering to study-abroad types.

At any rate, thanks to the internet and smartphones, we quickly found the address we were seeking, and lo and behold, it was indeed a Mexican place.

Boca Mexa, rue Mouffetard

It was getting close to closing time, but the friendly staff patiently waited for us to make up our minds and quickly prepared our burrito, tacos, and quesadilla once we had.  They said we could take our time, so we settled in across from the Hot Sauce Wall (pictured above).

Burrito bite

I got a beef burrito, which featured a weirdly Indian-esque spice blend.  Katia, Kyliemac, and Nick assured me that their chicken-filled items were much better, so I’ll be sure to keep that in mind for next time.

Corn tacos

Tacos are available in either corn (three) or flour (two) tortillas.  The tortilla chips on the side were industrially made and unremarkable, but the salsas were pretty good, especially the hot one (not really all that hot for true spice lovers) and the tomatillo one, which was tangy and fresh-tasting.

The most exciting thing about Boca Mexa, however, may just be the small selection of Mexican products they have for sale near the cash register.  Cans of chipotle chilis in adobo seem a little expensive at 3 euros, but I haven’t seen them for sale anywhere else in Paris in almost three years of living here, and believe me, I’ve looked.  Bags of masa – essential if you want to make your own corn tortillas at home – cost 8 euros, which is half of what Nick paid for the Last Bag of Masa in Paris a little over a year ago.  Now we don’t have to hoard it anymore!  And perhaps best of all, the hot sauces.  Southern Californians will be excited to see the wooden-topped bottles of Cholula, and I think Nick actually got a tear in his eye upon seeing his beloved Valentina’s.

So we’ll definitely be back to stock up on Mexican ingredients, and while we’re there, we might just have to have a quick, cheap bite.  I’ll be sure to get the chicken.

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24 10 2010

I’m just glad that I didn’t drag you all the way across there only to find it was closed 😉
I am now a massive fan of those tiny packets of hot sauce.
Super. Huge. Fan.
I’d go back there just for those.

ps. SO good to hang out with you guys on Friday! I’m up for it any time you like 🙂

25 10 2010

It’s funny to think that this is at least one thing that Australia and Paris have in common… a dearth of good Mexican and exorbitantly-priced cans of chipotle in Adobo! Bet you wish you had some of our kangaroo though 😉

25 10 2010

Katia – I know! At some point we will definitely go back for a big bottle, and it will end up on just about everything. And yes! It was a great time!

Hannah – Mmmmm… kangaroo burrito.

26 10 2010
Fiona at Life on Nanchang Lu

Lovin’ that sauce wall! Always great to find a restaurant that SELLS stuff too…

26 10 2010

…at least the beer wall is cute 🙂 I’m a Northern Californian (North Californian?)…and I’d miss spicy food and such too.

26 10 2010

Mexican restaurants are almost non existant here which is such a shame, I love Mexican food! The shop at this place sounds really good, I always like to find new ingredients to cook with…

27 10 2010

Mexican food AND you get to hang out with Katia and Kyliemac? What’s next, a Symphony / Snoopy play date? So envious! The tacos look delicious. I love and miss corn tortillas.

27 10 2010

Fiona – Especially if it’s stuff you want! 😉

Joyti – A beer wall would be awesome!

Sam – I’m definitely excited about the hot sauces – there were a couple I didn’t recognize…

Ann – Well, now I know three places to get them in Paris, not counting my kitchen!

28 10 2010

Mexican food in France?! I’ll have to let a buddy of mine know about this place, thanks!

29 10 2010

Ryan – You’re welcome!

5 11 2010

for decent Mexican try Fajitas at rue Daphin; best frozen margarita in town as well 🙂

6 11 2010

Jan – Thanks for the tip!

28 11 2010

Just found your blog and this article about bocamexa, looks nice.
If you want real mexican cuisine in Paris I also recommend Liz Olivo, who is a great mexican “chef a domicile”. check her blog :

1 12 2010

Vince – Thanks for the info!

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