My First-Ever Giveaway!

7 10 2010

(Not counting the time in college when I was hosting a radio show from 3-7 am and offered up all the change in my pocket if anyone could correctly identify the song.  I don’t remember what the song was, but I do remember that nobody claimed the seven cents.)

I have a $75 gift certificate to give away to one lucky reader.  It’s for CSN stores, which I had never heard of before they contacted me, but I looked into it and they seem legit.  They have over 200 different online stores, so whether you’re in the market for new bed sets, shoes, or (my favorite) cookware, you can probably find something that strikes your fancy.  And I can give you $75 towards purchasing it!

All you have to do is live in the USA or Canada (or have a mailing address there) and leave me a comment on this post.  I’ll give you a topic: College radio in the ’90s.  Discuss.

If you don’t have anything to say about that one, how about: Got any good ideas for a Halloween costume?  Or: What is your favorite thing to cook in the Fall?  Yeah, that’s more like it.  I’ll start.  Cassoulet.

I will randomly choose a winner on Sunday, October 10th at noon, Paris time.

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34 responses

7 10 2010

Can’t comment on college radio in the 90s because college was already a distant memory. Although come to think of it, I didn’t listen to college radio even when I was in college. And as for Halloween, I’m thinking my kids are finally too old this year for costumes. And finally something to cook in the fall: give me some help figuring out what to do with all the beautiful mushrooms out there and the difference between the 8 euros per kilo girolles and the 24 euros per kilo ones.

7 10 2010
Jordan P

Ah, for me, I was hardly in elementary school in College! HOWEVER, I think for this year, I’m going to be the tin (wo)man! Lotsa spray paint, lotsa silver accessories, and of course the heart!

7 10 2010

costumes? i like dressing as a pirate for some reason. the pirate talk can get a little annoying though. shiver me timbers i hope i win this here contest, matey! aaaargh! ya see? :-)

7 10 2010
Chez Loulou

College radio of the 90’s? In Seattle that meant Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Garbage, Soundgarden, Tracy Chapman, Alice in Chains…
I have an address in the States so can enter! Yay! :)

7 10 2010

Wasn’t a student in college in the 90’s but my favorite thing to make in the Fall is something that my family loves instead of pumpkin pie it is called pumpkin crisp. Oh so good.

7 10 2010

College music of the 90’s?EW!!I was punk back then.I love making a tasty pumpkin cheesecake in the fall!!!
HOW about for Halloween you wear some white tights,a white tee and put white balloons all over and you could be bubble bath!

7 10 2010

I wasn’t in college yet in the 90’s, but the first song I ever downloaded (questionable legality) was Sublime’s Santeria, which is oh-so-very 90’s.

I’m thinking of being Medussa for halloween.

And I want to make a giant pot of my favorite vegetarian chili pronto.

7 10 2010

College music-thankfully I was pretty much done with college by 90-that seems so long ago I cannot even remember what music I was listening to back then. I do remember one song Boule Boule that I had never heard before-I was in an American bar in the South of France-with some other Americans I had met backpacking the summer of 90-one of the girls I was with was a waitress and said at her restaurant they would jump on the tables and dance when they heard the song-every time I hear it-I want to get up and dance.

Thanks for this.

8 10 2010
laura k

I wanted a radio show so bad when I was in college (in the 90s). I remember my neighbor in the dorms had a show and it was the first place I heard Belle & Sebastian, the Beta Band, Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, and a ton of other stuff I don’t remember now. I used to tape his show (oh cassettes…), and I think I still have a few of the tapes floating around.

Then the internet came and I didn’t need college radio to find cool music. It was kind of a sad day.

8 10 2010
Michele P.

I’m an 80’s girl and didn’t go to college :( but in the 90’s I really discovered international music-and fell in love with bachata, salsa, merengue and cumbia music.
As far as costumes go, I don’t dress up for Halloween but my 8 yr old is going to be a princess this year. last year she was a nurse. Fall in Maine is wonderful, and with apple picking season comes the need to cook fresh apple pies and my favorite, apple crisp!

8 10 2010

Favorite thing to cook and eat is Apple pie. Thanks for having a great giveaway.

8 10 2010

Since I don’t remember anything in particular about college radio in the 90s, my favorite thing to cook this time of year is soup, and gingerbread. And quinces, assuming I can find any.

8 10 2010
Jackie R.

I love making cheesecake and drowning them in strawberries and strawberry jam (or whatever it’s called). So delicious!

8 10 2010

I was a college-in-the-80’s kinda girl–pre-grunge. I missed the Nirvana train by a handful of years!

Favorite fall food: butterscotch pudding. And chicken & dumplings. And stew. Any kind of stew.

Dress up w/a friend as Mr. Heat Miser and Mr. Snow Miser. :D

8 10 2010

OK – in ’86-’87 I spent a year studying French in Angers at the l’Université Catholique de l’Ouest. At the Halloween party, I needed a cheap costume – as I was a poor exchange college student. I had black boots, black mini skirt, black tights, a black turtle neck long sleeved shirt, and a black fuzzy hat. I put a hand written sign on my shirt that read: “Come on Baby – Light my Fire!” – I was a blown out black candle! I thought it was brilliant! I still do!

8 10 2010

Some of my favorite things to bake in the fall include pumpkin cake with a cream cheese frosting, pumpkin muffins, and apple cake/loaf.

8 10 2010

All the good college music must have happened before I started college in 1995, which coincidentally was around the time I stopped listening to new music. It’s all about 80s college music! Talking Heads! REM! The Police! Yeah!!!

8 10 2010
cris richman

I like to cook ribs in fall.Oh yeah!

8 10 2010

Oh Camille, so many K-dub memories – how to choose? I had the 11pm-1am slot for a couple terms and actually really liked it, the sub was so quiet it felt like I was all alone in the world. I am still amused by the “Bedtime Stories” show I had with Max where we would play sleepy music and read aloud from Winnie-the Pooh.
My daughter has come up with a unique costume idea – she is going to be a moose princess. Last year she was an apple tree. *grin*
As far as fall food goes, I think last night’s dinner fits the bill; beef stew with mushrooms and merlot, sweet potatoes cooked in maple syrup, swiss chard sauteed with bacon and onions, and home made herb bread. For dessert I made chocolate chip-walnut cookies, not a fall classic but pretty yummy.

8 10 2010
hungry dog

I knew we were about the same age! I graduated in 95. Anyhow, although I don’t remember that much about our college radio station I can tell you the music I loved in college: Pavement, Soundgarden, Guru, Digable Planets, Arrested Development, Green Day. As for food I like to make in the fall, I think of the good Chinese rice stuffing my family always makes for Thanksgiving–full of chinese sausage, water chestnuts, and shitake mushrooms. Oh and pumpkin chiffon pie. Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough!

8 10 2010

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many comments in such a short time!

Anne – I say if the 8 euro/kilo girolles look and smell good, get them!

Maureen – Pumpkin crisp sounds great!

meeyeehere – Or Lady Gaga.

Laura k – Ah, yes, cassettes. I’m sure I have a huge box of mix tapes somewhere…

Jenni – I think I missed that train by a couple years. :)

LizM – I beg to differ. I mean, not that college radio of the ’80s wasn’t great, but what about the bands Laura k mentioned, for starters? And how about The Connells, Zumpano, Ben Folds Five, or The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies (before they became a pop-swing band, that is)?

LauraTurtle – Those are some very original costume ideas! :) In 5th grade, I went as a fire. It was awesome. I could never manage to stick to a theme in my radio shows, but I always enjoyed the ones that did.

Hungry dog – Thanksgiving is my favorite, too! I was majorly into They Might Be Giants in college (still am, really) as well as Jimmy Buffett, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles, none of which even remotely qualify as college rock, but I played them anyway. And I listened to a TON of Dave Matthews Band. (I graduated in 2000.)

9 10 2010
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9 10 2010

I love cooking savory/sweet combo tarts in the fall.

I missed out on the college radio phenom. I never listen to the radio unless I am in a car, and in college I had no car. It was awful!! I usually studied in silence in the lib. Do people listen to the radio when they’re studying??!! Kudos to you on pulling through that tough shift!!! And congrats on your first giveaway!! =)

9 10 2010

I would have to say that one of my favourite things to cook in the Fall would be homemade soups. Mmmm – especially butternut squash or wild mushroom. No wait, my absolute favourite? French Onion! :)

9 10 2010
Casey Angelova

Hmm! My favorite thing to cook in the Fall is pumpkin! I am a huge fan of CMJ: College Music Journal, which I got turned onto in the 90’s, my musical taste is vast. Halloween… is now for my kids, but I do love to get funky with my make-up while taking the kids trick or treating.

9 10 2010

theveggie – I had no car in college, either. I used to listen to the classical music station when I was writing papers, but I almost always had music on in my room.

Jasmine – I love soup, too! I think all of those are my favorite. :)

Casey – Pumpkin and winter squash are so versatile. Sweet, savory, soup, pie, muffins, mashed…

9 10 2010

Great giveaway! Our neighbor family is dressing up like the Popeye family. Popeye, Sweet Pea and Olive Oyl. So cute and clever. I just made baked butternut squash. Good and easy.

9 10 2010

I was a DJ for 2 semesters in college in the 90’s. We were shut down after the first semester by the FCC because our equipment was from the 70’s & not up to code! We managed to pull enough money together to upgrade & got back on the air in tome for the last semester of my senior year! Great fun!

9 10 2010

favorite thing to cook in the fall? chili. or maybe beef stew. anything is an option if it involves a dutch oven and making my house smell delicious on a Sunday afternoon!

9 10 2010

My favorite thing to cook in the fall is practically anything in the crockpot but especially beef stew or chili.

10 10 2010

Pam – That is cute, but I don’t think I have the legs to be Olive Oyl. :)

Melissa – Way to go!

Lissa – Yup.

Danielle – Lots of votes for chili and stew around here!

10 10 2010

And the winner is….


The Veggie!

I will be contacting you shortly with information on how to claim your prize.

10 10 2010

Congratulations to “The Veggie”!!!! Thanks Camille! Interesting!

11 10 2010

Thanks!! I’ve never won anything before. This is so exciting!


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