Can’t Win ‘Em All

4 10 2010

I want to thank everyone out there in internet-land for your votes, tweets, comments, and general support of me in Project Food Blog.  The Powers that Be have decided that I’m not moving on in the competition.  So it goes.  I was a little sad about it, but I tried to look at the bright side: I was still having a dinner party, but I didn’t have to photograph it or write about it, leaving me free to enjoy the food and the company of good friends.

That said, if I’m going to lose I want someone Really Good to win.  It’s been fun finding so many new blogs as a part of this competition, and here are three who really deserve your votes.

1. Pastry Methods and Techniques

Jenni's citrus shortbread

I’ve been reading Jenni’s blog for a while now, and not only does she really know her way around the pastry kitchen, she’s also hilarious.  You can vote for her here, or by clicking the picture of her scrumptious-looking citrus shortbreads.

2. Life on Nanchang Lu

mah jong dessert

Fiona is an Australian living in Shanghai, China.  Her stories are fascinating and her pictures are great.  Plus, she made my all-time favorite Chinese dish for the last challenge!  You can read about her fabulous 10-hour Mahjong lunch here.

3. Fresh Air + Fresh Food


Lindsey writes a fresh and fun blog from my home state!  Her awesome dinner party featured the best local products, from her husband’s homebrew to my favorite berry.  Read all about it here.

I’ll be back soon with some more French beers for you.

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4 10 2010

Oh boo hoo. I’m sorry you’re out. But good for you for having the courage to put yourself out there.

4 10 2010

I was very VERY sad to see that you hadn’t moved on, Camille, especially because I thought your post was brilliant. Poo. I must admit that I was planning “Dinner Party Lite” if I didn’t make it through–a couple fewer dishes and no pix. When I found out I was moving on, I was happy, but I also gave a resigned sigh and broke out the ingredients for caramel corn!

Thanks so much to feature my dinner party here. I’m honored that you picked me as one of three!!

Bet your dinner party rocked. If I could, I’d keep voting for you. 🙂

5 10 2010
hungry dog

Oh no! I’m sorry you didn’t make it. Your blog is still among my very favorites, if that means anything. Thank you for tipping us off to some other good ones.

5 10 2010
Fiona at Life on Nanchang Lu

Camille! It’s a travesty of justice!!

And I was so looking forward to reading about a Parisian dinner party too! You sure you won’t write about it anyway?

I feel very excited to be mentioned as one of your choices – it’s still a great surprise that I’ve gotten this far.
Thanks Camille!

(off today to a BIG lake to eat the local specialty – ‘BIG fish head soup’ – can’t decide whether this is exciting or slightly terrifying)

5 10 2010

Aw 😦 You were the only person I was voting for! I’ll check out these two that you’ve recommended and see if I can bear the pain of voting for someone who isn’t you…

5 10 2010

Me too, you were the only person I was voting for! Tant pis. You’ll always be one of my favorite food bloggers!

5 10 2010

Oh no! I really wanted to vote for you today! So sad that you didn’t make it. Thanks for sharing your recommendations, I’ll check out those bloggers!

5 10 2010

Anne – Thank you. I feel good for having done it, despite the disappointment.

Jenni – Thanks, and I WILL keep voting for you!

hungry dog – It really does. 🙂

Fiona – Your righteous indignance puts a smile on my face. And don’t be surprised, your blog is great! As for the fish head, I think it’s both exciting and terrifying.

Hannah – Aw, shucks. And do, I think you’ll really enjoy them.

Ann – Thank you, that means a lot. 🙂

Jeanne – That’s sweet of you to say. You’re welcome.

5 10 2010

The dinner party was fabulous. I say, you should win anyway.
Also, did you see this?

5 10 2010

Shucks – We were cheering ya on! Next year, baby! Me and my little Camille Ana will be voting for you every time! I do love your blog – Brings out the francofile in my – even though now – with my Colombian husband – my thoughts are leaning toward Colombia most of the time…

6 10 2010
Nate @ House of Annie

Camille –

that sucks. It hurts to be rejected. But you’ll get over it soon. Make something sweet for yourself!

6 10 2010

Camille! You are creative and so generous! Thanks for linking up my site. You are the first and I am sooooo honored! Also, I want you to know I voted for you last round, was looking for you this round, and was so sad that you didn’t make it. Still, I’m your newest follower and look forward to seeing all your sweet ideas!

6 10 2010

Celine – Thanks. Yes, I did see that! When do you want to go?

Nanan – Thank you so much for your support! Who says you can’t dream of France AND Colombia?

Nate – It does. And cooking fabulous food heals all wounds.

Lindsey – You are very welcome, and I’m very glad to hear you’ll be back!

7 10 2010
Amy (Shiny Cooking)

Well, on the bright side, a lot of people have discovered you now through PFB. I know I did, and I’m glad for it! Thanks for the tips on some other bloggers to check out too. You got grace, baby.

7 10 2010
Tammy McLeod

Well, I would’ve vote for you Camille but love your attitude that you can enjoy the dinner party without the photos and blog pressure.

7 10 2010

Amy – That is definitely the bright side! That, and I found many interesting new blogs, too! 🙂

Tammy – I try to be an optimist.

7 10 2010

What a shame, you totally deserved to go through. I hope you enjoy the dinner party anyway.

8 10 2010

Sam – Thanks, I did. (Reward myself with a fun dinner, that is.)

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