I Get Older, They Stay The Same Age

9 09 2010

I’m not done recounting my vacation food adventures just yet, but going back to work after an extended break is always a bit of a shock, and I have some thoughts:

  • I am continually amazed by the physical and intellectual incompetence of the incoming apprentices.  When I ask a 17-year-old to multiply 200 by 6 and am met with a completely blank (not to mention slightly incredulous) stare, it really frightens me for the future.
  • Did they do anything at all in August?  I nibbled a bite of mousse cake Monday morning that definitely tasted like it had been in the freezer for a month.
  • Holy houndstooth, my feet are tired.
  • Note to co-workers – “You’ve put on weight” is pretty much the last thing anybody wants to hear, ever.  Especially if it’s the first thing out of your mouth when you haven’t seen someone in a month.  “You’ve cut your hair,” or “you look tan” would be much more appropriate, and welcome.
  • My hands are apparently still made out of asbestos, and I still like burning things.
  • I also still enjoy the zen of chocolate making, especially if I can claim my own workspace.
  • Looks like the chef is laying down some discipline with the apprentices this year.  Good.
  • Here’s a piece of advice for anyone starting out working in a kitchen (or a lot of other places, I’m sure): Never complain to someone whose shift started before yours about how tired you are.  Another related one is: Never tell someone who works six days a week that your (two-day) weekend was too short.  Thankfully, this is no longer an issue I have to deal with.
  • I’ve been having a bizarre reaction to my alarm clock this week.  Instead of the usual “No, not time yet, snooze,” I’ve been in complete denial about it.  As in “Huh?  That’s not my alarm.”  At least I’ve been pretty good about getting up once reality kicks in.
  • Is it really fall already?  When did that happen?

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10 09 2010
hungry dog

It’s so rough getting back to work after vacation, even if you enjoy your job. I mean, who wouldn’t prefer to be on holiday all the time?! Good luck adjusting. Glad you had a great trip!

10 09 2010

*laughs* love this post, even if it does come from a place of emotional pain on your behalf. That first maths comment terrifies me, yet after reading 70 essays and finding that some, written by people far older than me, display the language skills of an 8 year old, I’m not surprised…

Glad the zen of chocolate making is still working for you, though! That’s all that matters, really 🙂

10 09 2010

You are being very insightful upon your return from vacation. A very cute post…enjoyed it a great deal.

10 09 2010

That is a great title for a post. Okay, I’m no good at math, but you can do that one on your fingers in the time it takes to stare blankly 😉 I remember when I worked at the writing center in college being horrified at the essays of incoming freshmen, and then even more horrified at the theses of outgoing seniors. What do people learn in school??

10 09 2010

P.S. Oh, and I got the “you’ve gained weight” greeting too. Um, since WHEN is that an appropriate thing to say to someone EVER. Unless you’re their doctor… and even then… Sometimes French culture is depressing.

10 09 2010

hungry dog – I know, especially after a whole month off!

Hannah – Yes, chocolate to the rescue, once again! 🙂

Michel – Nothing like the fresh perspective brought on by a vacation!

Hopie – And why are they allowed to advance?
p.s. Charming, isn’t it?

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