Lunching in Dublin

20 08 2010

What do you do when you have a transatlantic flight and you are pretty sure you don’t want to eat the airplane food?  If you’re me, you bake two batches of cookies in anticipation of mid-flight snackiness.  If you’re Nick, you book your flight such that you have a three-hour layover in Dublin where you can fuel up with some (hopefully) authentic pub grub and a pint or two of Guinness.  Luckily for both of us, we travel together.


Naturally, our plane from Paris to Dublin arrived late, and with all the customs and security holdups, we ended up having much less time than we had hoped for lunch.  Add to that the time spent wandering around the airport looking for something that wasn’t just fast food, and the fact that the only real restaurant we could find refused to take food orders until 12 noon, and it was nearly a stressful experience.  Thank goodness for Guinness.

A pleasant surprise

I was heartened by this note on the menu as well – just because you’re in an airport doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a good meal.

Fish, chips, and mushy peas in Dublin

My cod fillet came crispy and golden, with a bright swipe of herbed mushy peas.

Cheeseburger and fries in Dublin

Nick got a bacon cheeseburger with some tasty Irish cheddar.  On both plates, the chips were delicious wedges of fresh potato, hot and perfectly fried.

Paperwork is so much better with a pint.

We had just enough time after lunch for another pint in the pub near our gate while we filled out our customs form.

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21 08 2010

WOW! That is some seriously good looking airport food. I believe I had a crappy coffee and a sub-sub-par scone for my last between flights snack. Between the Guinness and the food, you just moved Dublin up a few notches on my “places to go” list. If the airport food is that good, I can’t imagine what the food in Dublin proper must be like.


21 08 2010

That was airport food? Go Dublin! I have to say that looks more like a pea puree than mushy peas, but hey, when the food is that good, who cares about semantics? 😛 (Oh, who am I kidding. I always care about semantics.)

21 08 2010
hungry dog

Wow. How come when I’m in airports there seems to be a choice of CinnaBon and Fish-Fil-A? Where’s my crispy cod and beautiful hamburger?!!

21 08 2010

This looks very tasty, glad you enjoyed your meal in Dublin airport but sorry in a way you did not have time to go to the city. So many pubs with nice lunches or tasty sandwiches (smoked salmon on brown bread with salted butter is my favourite). Santé ! et vive Dublin 🙂

21 08 2010

G-LO – I know! Of course, if there hadn’t been any pubs in the airport, I would have doubted we were in Ireland. 😉

Hannah – You’re completely right; I do believe it said “pea puree” on the menu. Either way, it tasted like actual peas, which is always a good thing!

hungry dog – I like to think that more airports are trying to incorporate local specialties, although there’s still a long way to go.

isathreadsoflife – I know! I really hope to get a chance to return to Dublin and actually see the city sometime soon.

25 08 2010

I could gobble up that crunchy cod filet — yum! Have a wonderful vacation, Camille!

25 08 2010

Ann – Thank you!

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