Worthwhile French Beers: Le P’tit Klintz

9 08 2010

Despite the long interval since my last Worthwhile French Beer post, I seem to have found the most similar possible beer to write about this time. 

Le P'tit Klintz - Alsatian honey beer

As you can see, this one is also organic, also from Brasserie Uberach, and also has “Klintz” in the name.  But if La Klintz blonde is the mama bear, and Le Klintz brune is the papa bear, then this little honeyed number is the baby bear of the family.

The bottle had been sitting in our fridge for quite a while, and a noticeable layer of sediment had accrued at the bottom.  When Nick opened the beer, it foamed vigorously and for some time, even though it was cold and relatively undisturbed.  Strange.

It poured out cloudy and yellow – definitely an unfiltered beer – and the bubbles kept coming, forming a thin, patchy white head.  My nose sensed an herbal quality, woodsy and rosemary-like, perhaps even pine-y.  Aromas of fresh bread wafted up as well.

On the palate, the continued effervescence gave it a very light feeling, and the bright citrus notes make this a very drinkable beer.  As I got deeper into the glass I noticed some hints of spice coming through, particularly coriander and clove, while Nick observed a presence of banana esters.

Overall, Le P’tit Klintz is a refreshing beer, one I wouldn’t hesitate to drink again.  It makes me happy to know that breweries like Uberach exist in France, making an effort to produce quality, organic beer in a country whose first love will always be wine.

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3 responses

10 08 2010

That bear is so cute! This post makes me feel sheepish about the complete non-adventurousness of my own beer consumption, though. It’s generally either a Corona or a Pure Blonde for me…. but when I only drink alcohol a couple of times a year, there just isn’t much room for experimentation! (Even I can tell that’s a lame excuse :P)

10 08 2010

Yay, beer! I love my wine, but I do enjoy a good beer, too. And The Beloved makes his own. I shall send him your post.

I prefer balanced-to-malty beers to “pointy” hoppy beers. The Beloved is more or less the opposite. Between the two of us, we like just about everything!

11 08 2010

Hannah – If it weren’t for Nick, I’d probably be a beerophobe, too. One of the things I liked about him when we first met was that despite being a college student on a budget like the rest of us, he really appreciated (and tried to get me to appreciate) good beer.

Jenni – I’m a bit of a hop-head myself. But I like to try new styles – France is full of them!

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