A Memory That Always Makes Me Smile

9 07 2010

It’s great to have a rapport with your boss (or bosses).  Back when I was working in Dallas, I had such a rapport.  I worked for a couple with whom I got along swimmingly.  We had a lot of similar views about food – important when you’re working with it – and complementary desires to experiment and try new ingredients, techniques, and so on.  It was, however, a very small company, and as such, the finances were always tough.  Here’s something that happened one afternoon, rather typical of the sorts of exchanges I used to have with my bosses, when we all spoke the same language.

THE SCENE: Pastry shop.  Day.  MR. BOSS MAN enters.  He’s been crunching the numbers.  He gives a rundown to MS. BOSS WOMAN, or maybe he tells her that we can’t afford to buy any more chocolate.

MR. BOSS MAN: (Pointing at me) … And you.  Have been on retroactive vacation for the last two weeks.

ME: That was the worst vacation ever.

MR. BOSS MAN: Wait ’til you get the bill for two weeks of pastry camp.

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3 responses

10 07 2010

Hahaha! Hilarious! I’m sure you’ll be having these same sorts of conversations in French in no time 😉

10 07 2010
Tammy McLeod

You’ve cracked me up. I know how important that type of rapport is and you’ve illustrated it really well.

11 07 2010

Hannah – It’s entirely possible that I already have, except that I didn’t fully understand what was going on…

Tammy – Glad I’m not the only one who finds this funny!

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