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20 05 2010

For all my moaning about the lack of cheeseburgers in Paris, I’ve never written a single post about them.  Sure, I’ve gone out for them a few times, but they tend to be either outrageously expensive, downright mediocre, or both.  But the fact is they are not really a difficult menu item to come by in Paris – in fact, just last Sunday the brunch special at the café downstairs from my apartment was a bacon cheeseburger with a coffee and a fresh-squeezed orange juice.  For eighteen euros.  Now, the dollar is getting stronger and everything, but that still seems pretty steep.  That cheeseburger sounded mighty good, though.

burger patties, handmade by Nick

So what happened?  Well, I ventured a little further down the street, to my nearest Turkish butcher/convenience store and the closest open vegetable shop and picked up everything I needed to make some top-notch burgers, as well as some chicken and vegetables for dinner, for less than the cost of one brunch special.

Steaming and sizzling

As delectable as that bacon cheeseburger sounded, bacon (and cheddar, for that matter) is a bit thin on the ground in this neighborhood on Sunday afternoons, what with the French butchers being closed and the Muslim ones not so into swine.  The consolation prize was mushroom-swiss burgers.  (Although, strangely, the Emmenthal was hard to find, too.  If I’d wanted a feta burger, I’d have been all set.  Note to self.)

White on white on white

Nick and I have been known to make burgers from time to time.  He makes the patties, mixing the ground beef with Worcestershire sauce and whatever else strikes his fancy – onions, cumin, herbs – and I make brioche for the buns.  This time, what with the last-minute craving, there was no time to wait for dough to rise.  So we made our burgers on thick slices of “Turkish bread.” It’s a big, soft loaf sold at all the Turkish stores on our street, and is extremely reminiscent of the “French” or “Italian” bread sold at most American supermarkets.  We grated the cheese for maximum meltability, and spooned sautéed mushrooms over the cheese piled on the bread.  then came the burgers themselves, and a quick toast in the oven.

Mushroom-Swiss Burger

Obviously, we served them with plenty of ketchup, and washed them down with Cola Turka.  Yeah, nothing like cooking the American classics in Paris.

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21 05 2010

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? I have to say that bread doesn’t look much like the Turkish bread we get here, but then again I’m no bread aficionado 🙂

Put Worcestershire sauce in anything, though, and I’m in.

21 05 2010
Ann Mah

I loooovvvveeee a good cheeseburger. Especially on brioche bread. These look delicious, though my cheese of choice is American (blush).

21 05 2010

P.S. I just gave you two awards, but I’m not sure if memes are things you like doing, so feel free to ignore any or all parts of it 😀

21 05 2010

Camille-can you say In&Out Burger!! Soon for you and Nick

21 05 2010

Hannah – When it comes to turkish bread, I’m as clueless as the next person. All I know is that all the Turkish shops here sell this same bread, which is the closest thing I’ve found in France to crappy American supermarket bakery bread. Which is sometimes just what you’re looking for.

Ann – Hey, if you’re going to eat junk food, might as well go whole hog… or cow, as the case may be. 🙂

Mummy – I can’t wait!

21 05 2010

$18 bucks for a hamburger?! Oh well, Paris, I still miss and love you. Remember my friend who you met while we were there? She’s in Paris until July and keeps sending me pictures to make me jealous. It’s totally working.

This hamburger sounds like it precipitated kind of a shopping adventure. And when I have the time, I do love shopping adventures. Well done, girl!

22 05 2010

Still exploring the neighborhood and recently found a cheeseburger dinner for 13 euro – not bad for this city (although minus the coffee/OJ). Maybe I can convince you to check it out? 🙂 Looks delish, btw. I could just come over there when the craving hits!

23 05 2010
Food lover

Looks delicious! This will be my inspiration for home cooking this weekend 🙂

23 05 2010
hungry dog

That’s one good lookin’ cheesburger. I’m actually hoping to eat a cheeseburger for lunch today (we are on vacation in Santa Cruz and cheeseburgers seem like a good beach vacation lunch). Can’t wait to learn more about your brioche buns–that’s impressive.

24 05 2010

“Maximum meltability” — always desirable. If I can’t find something I’m dying to have (brioche, for one thing), it’s always a consolation to be able to make it in my own kitchen. Sure, maybe it’s more work, but it’s often that much more rewarding.

25 05 2010

Andrea – I like shopping adventures, too! Feel free to give your friend (I want to say it was Genevieve) my email if she wants to meet up again. (Not to rub salt in your wounds…)

Melissa – I’m game!

Food lover – Thanks! I hope you cooked up something delicious.

hungry dog – A cheeseburger IS a great beach vacation lunch.

Trisha – I agree, things definitely taste better with a little love added. 🙂

25 05 2010

If I had made such a cheeseburger to my son he would have instantly forgotten that he is now a vegetarian! Looks delish! I can empathize; in Paris nothing comes easily, I know, I lived there.

27 05 2010

tasteofbeirut – It doesn’t, does it? And yet, I still love living here – most of the time. 😉

1 06 2010

A good burger – something I was really missing yesterday here in London as I imagined friends and family celebrating memorial day with bbq and eating burgers with all the fixin’s and heinz!

I do love a bacon cheeseburger, but mushrooms in a burger is also a favorite. I’m from California so often avocado often gets thrown in the mix!

6 06 2010

gastroanthropologist – I love a good avocado burger, too. 🙂

10 06 2010
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