Dear Readers,

19 04 2010

A lot has happened in the last week.  Tuesday morning I arrived at work to see the chef with his arm in an immobilizing sling.  He’d dislocated his shoulder – AGAIN (this is the third time, I think) – playing American football.  Which is clearly my fault, as the inventor of the sport and the person who set up the team in Paris and forced him to play.  Anyway, he informed me that since he couldn’t use his arm, he’d be taking the week off, leaving me to do all the work with only a stage to help me out.  (At least this one has a good work ethic, unlike some.)  So in addition to having to pack up my apartment at night, my days were much longer and more stressful than usual.  The icing on the cake was that I had to cover his shift on Saturday, too, which meant that I had to get up at 3:30am on moving day, go to work, come home, finish packing, and then move into a new place.  Fortunately, Nick and I had a great number of friends helping us out with the move, and many hands truly did make light work.  So many, many thanks go to Joe, Laurence, Scott, Ana, Arnaud, Nicolai, Celine, and Jesse for making moving day go so smoothly.

The phone/internet/tv switchover didn’t go smoothly at all so I am currently without reliable service for at least a week.  I hope you’ll bear with me and another possible post-less week.  I promise to be back as soon as possible with a farewell tour of my old neighborhood, photos of the new kitchen (once it’s ready to go – I’m helping the landlady shop for appliances today), and, of course, more recipes.


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19 04 2010

Dear Camille,
You poor thing! What a week – or a week and a half, for all the work you had to put into it. Take care of yourself and enjoy the settling in process as much as you can. Can’t wait to see the new kitchen! (Or, I mean, I can wait, but I’m looking forward to the post whenever it comes :))

19 04 2010

Oh my…sounds like you are an extremely busy girl! Hope this week goes by fast for you 🙂 Can’t wait to read more when you are back!

19 04 2010
hungry dog

Poor girl! What a week. Why does it always happen like that? Good luck with everything going on, we will be here whenever you return.

Hungry Dog

19 04 2010

Oh my, this sounds apalling. What a luck you had many friends to help you out. Take good care,

19 04 2010

Take care and pace yourself – that many stresses can cause accidents. Don’t worry about the blog until your work and home situation is settled. Wafting lot’s of good wishes and lucky thoughts your way.

24 04 2010

Oh dear Camille, I’m sorry to hear everything was so stressful. If I hadn’t been totally absent from the web, I would’ve offered to help! I hope the new place is wonderful 🙂

26 04 2010

Wow–sounds like a doozie of a week, Camille! Ick. Hope you are able to recuperate a bit. I guess the good news is that you get to help pick appliances:) Looking forward to seeing pix of the new digs. Happy House Warming!

26 04 2010

Doesn’t life know it’s supposed to just stop for a bit — not get crazier — when you’re trying to set up house? Looking forward to hearing from you again when you get all settled. Good luck!

2 05 2010

Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate the words of encouragement, even if I haven’t been able to respond. Luckily, the internet is almost fully operational now (no wifi for some reason), so I can get back to blogging and blog-reading. Yay!

9 05 2010

say, once you mentioned blood oranges, i had to let you know that the tree you gave us has produced two lovely oranges now! And they were a gorgeous red color.

here are our blue things: lovely blue MAY sky, blue birds in the garden, new blue blouse, blue swimming pool water (although a bit cool to use yet), special portugese rug under computer table, pale blue rum bottle, and a blue insulated cooler (peut-etre piquenique demain?)

10 05 2010

Mom – Yay! I’m glad the tree is happy. But how did they taste? 😉

11 05 2010

the blood oranges were totally delish.


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