Saying Goodbye to my Kitchen

9 04 2010

We move into our new place a week from tomorrow.  As of now, I don’t know how the new place will be equipped when I get there.  (I do know that it will be fully equipped at some point, but on moving day there may not be, for example, an oven or stove.  Or fridge.  Or dishwasher.  Or washing machine.  Ack.)  We’ve been making an effort, of late, to reduce the number of things we will have to move – finishing off jars of mustard, using up the last of the parchment, and so on.  But before the packing up begins in earnest, I wanted to share a few photos of what is pretty much the best kitchen I could hope for in a tiny parisian apartment.  I’ve tagged notable items in the photos on Flickr, so if you want to know more about what’s in the pictures, click them and you’ll go to my Flickr page.  You can also find all the photos here, in one set.

The view of the kitchen (including bar corner) from the couch.

 The shelves, as seen from inside the kitchen.  (Look in the back - there's the couch!)

Can’t get the captions to work on this one, but here are the shelves.  (Look, in the background – it’s the couch!)

Nick put these hooks in, and I love them! You wouldn't believe how much drawer space this freed up.


Turning to the left, we have the stove and the (I now realize) luxuriously large sink.

Another counterclockwise 90 degrees brings us to the window. Below it is the "root cellar" - there's no way I'm not going to miss that.

A final quarter-turn, and here's the fridge. Above it hang the wine glasses, and next to it is the spice shelf.


A close-up of the cool 3-level drawer.

This kitchen is actually better than the last one I had in the States.  It’s small, but there’s a place for everything.  I love how it’s open to the living room, as I’m always running late on dinner preparation, and it’s nice to be able to chat with guests while I put the finishing touches on dinner.  I also love love love the outside cupboard – there is no better place to store potatoes.  Basically, I’m completely spoiled.  The good news is that other than the major appliances, all the cooking gear is making the move with me.  So I’m sure I’ll be cooking up a storm again in no time.

Goodbye, kitchen!  It’s been great knowing you.  I only hope your new owner loves and appreciates you as much as I do.

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9 04 2010
hungry dog

Ah, so fun to see where you work your magic!! Looks like you had lots of fun in this kitchen and now you can look forward to getting settled in your new one.

Happy weekend!

10 04 2010

I agree, this post was so fun to read/peek at! Even though all those hanging wine glasses give me the heebie-jeebies. I’m sure they’re stupendously well supported, but… eek! Will we get a tour of the new kitchen, perchance?

10 04 2010

I love the jar of Nutella-of course that is what I would focus on.

10 04 2010

Aww, so glad I got to enjoy a meal cooked in the cutest kitchen ever! 🙂 Hope your new kitchen serves you as well as this one did.

You’d hate my current kitchen. Kitchenette, rather. Not even enough room for two pans on the tiny 2-ring stove, and no drawers!! Ugh.

10 04 2010

Good luck with your move! Can’t wait to see the next kitchen.

10 04 2010

Oh god, just thinking about moving gives me a cold sweat. Your little kitchen is adorable! I hope the next one has as much personality. Good luck, Camille, on the move. I know how much work those can be!

11 04 2010
Brett Sutcliffe

That light is from IKEA i have it in my room as well :p
Btw thanks for sharing cuz my kitchen is mass…opposite way my bf’s like yours everything just organized.

11 04 2010

hungry dog – Now that I’ve started packing things up, I’m looking forward to being inthe new place even more!

Hannah – The wine glasses are actually much more stable than the huge bottle of whiskey, which moves every time the microwave or fridge is opened or closed.

Esme – I think it’s a law in France that every kitchen have a jar of Nutella at all times. 😉

Hails – Me, too! Sounds better than the “kitchenette” in the housing I was given when I was teaching in Moulins. There was no sink other than the one in the bathroom, and no fridge! Needless to say, I moved within two weeks to better digs.

Andi – Thank you! It’s great to hear from you!

Andrea – The next kitchen is good – bigger and open to a bigger living room, but it’s going to take some doing to get settled. Thanks for the well-wishes!

Brett – Admittedly, just about everything in my place is from Ikea.

14 04 2010

Great article. Thanks

14 04 2010

I’m happy to hear that the new kitchen will be bigger. I think we all pine for a bigger kitchen. 🙂

15 04 2010

Anyone who actually uses a kitchen the way you do deserves to be spoiled. Here’s hoping the next kitchen also has a place for everything. Best of luck with the move!

15 04 2010

Ryan – Yeah, now I just have to do some work to make it better… 🙂

Trisha – Aw, thanks!

And now, back to packing.

17 04 2010

Seeing those pictures gives me an olfactory memory of being welcomed to Paris by a delicious homemade quiche . . . hope I get to dine in your new place too 🙂

19 04 2010

Kiran – So do I!

26 04 2010

I, too, focused on the jar of Nutella. Mmmm…Nutella!

Best of luck with all the packing and moving. I do hope that you and your new kitchen will be able to live in harmony:)

2 05 2010

pastrychef – You’ll be pleased to know that I’m really hitting it off with the new oven. 🙂

10 05 2010

I had no idea that the cupboard opening to the outdoors was called a root cellar! We had one when I was growing up in California and I loved it! In fact, we made a somewhat comparable model in our current kitchen. It’s a cupboard with a screen, rather than wooden door, so the vegetables are exposed to circulating air.

Happy Mother’s Day!
from your mom 🙂

10 05 2010

Mom – Happy Mother’s Day to YOU! 🙂 Technically, a root cellar would be at least partially underground, which is why I usually put it in quotes. (I mean, a 4th floor apartment is nowhere near underground!)

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