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28 03 2010

You’ll be pleased, I hope, to learn that the apartment hunt is drawing to a close.  Of course, now begins the packing, cleaning, and administrative goings-on that accompany a move, be it across town or across the ocean.  In an effort to help clear off my desk (which is covered in little pieces of scrap paper with notes, addresses, phone numbers, to-do lists, recipes, business cards, and so on – I can’t be the only one) I have finally finished converting and updating the Gourmand’s Map of Paris!  It’s all new and improved, with color coded markers, phone numbers, and links to pertinent blog posts.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to put in a nifty embedded map like I was able to with Platial, but here’s a link to the new map, and I’ve put one up on the sidebar, too, just below the calendar.  I hope you’ll find it useful, helpful, or at least interesting, and be sure to watch for updates, as they happen fairly regularly.

On this day in 2008: Taking Advantage of France (Hmm, we were moving then, too.  And we’ve been doing these kinds of dinners a lot lately.)

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28 03 2010

*Claps giddily* Camille! I’m so happy for you! Is it the one you were telling me about? Good luck with the move – I shall be helping you carry boxes in spirit.🙂

28 03 2010

So happy to hear that you’ve finally found a place to call home. Good luck with the move and settling in.

28 03 2010

Thank you for this map it is quite helpful. Hope your move goes easily. What arr. are you moving too?

29 03 2010
Tammy McLeod

Good luck with your move Camille. I’m looking forward to having you settle into a new kitchen.

29 03 2010

Ah enfin ! Bravo et… bon courage;) !

29 03 2010
hungry dog

Congratulations on finding a new place! That is very exciting. Hopefully it has a fabulous kitchen…!

29 03 2010

Was going to comment in the last post about the goodness that is boxed soup, but the comments were off and I think we’ve already had that discussion. Anyways, when/if you need help moving, I’m here! And, when/if you need help with the cleaning out the refrigerator/liquor cabinet, I am also game🙂
Congrats on the new place. So excited to hear and see more!

29 03 2010

last post meaning the “2008” post link. how that got mixed up with ‘last’, who knows…

30 03 2010
Food lover

The map is great! I sooo need to go to Paris & make good use of it!

30 03 2010

Hannah – I’ve no doubt that will help. 😀

Loulou – Thank you, it gives me hope for other Parisian apartment seekers…

Esme – You’re welcome! I’m most likely moving to the 10th – I like to be centrally located.

Tammy – Me, too! 🙂

isa – Merci beaucoup!

hungry dog – Would I move into a place that didn’t? 😉

researchingparis – I believe we have had that conversation. (And the reason the comments are off is because I have them set to automatically close after three months. It greatly reduces spam.) I’ll keep you posted about the going-away do. Maybe this weekend?

Food lover – Yes, you do!

30 03 2010

This map is pure gold. Thanks for making it and for your continously awsome postings.

30 03 2010

I’ll trade you-I miss Paris. I always feel like crying when I leave Paris.

31 03 2010

Congrats and good luck with the move! I can’t believe you’ve found time to update the map amidst all the apartment hunting!

31 03 2010

Bracieandbryan – Thank you, and you’re welcome!

Esme – I’m sure I will, too, when I eventually leave for good one day.

Jessica – Sometimes a fairly mindless task like copying addresses and phone numbers is just what I need to keep me from worrying about other things…

1 04 2010
Krissy @ The Food Addicts

it definitely is a stressful experience with moving, but at the end of the day, you get to be a new place and start fresh! good luck with the move!

2 04 2010

Krissy – Thanks for the encouragement!

5 04 2010
Brett Sutcliffe

I am new for your blog. But I like it. Good luck with everything.


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