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28 03 2010

You’ll be pleased, I hope, to learn that the apartment hunt is drawing to a close.  Of course, now begins the packing, cleaning, and administrative goings-on that accompany a move, be it across town or across the ocean.  In an effort to help clear off my desk (which is covered in little pieces of scrap paper with notes, addresses, phone numbers, to-do lists, recipes, business cards, and so on – I can’t be the only one) I have finally finished converting and updating the Gourmand’s Map of Paris!  It’s all new and improved, with color coded markers, phone numbers, and links to pertinent blog posts.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to put in a nifty embedded map like I was able to with Platial, but here’s a link to the new map, and I’ve put one up on the sidebar, too, just below the calendar.  I hope you’ll find it useful, helpful, or at least interesting, and be sure to watch for updates, as they happen fairly regularly.

On this day in 2008: Taking Advantage of France (Hmm, we were moving then, too.  And we’ve been doing these kinds of dinners a lot lately.)

Originally published on Croque-Camille.

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