Worthwhile French Beers: La Klintz

8 03 2010

I had last week off work, and while I didn’t manage to stockpile blog posts as I had hoped, I did manage to stockpile material for blog posts, which is almost as good.  I also spent a lot of fruitless time looking for a new apartment, about which I won’t bore you further, until I move and I inevitably hate my new kitchen, at which point I will bitch and moan.  But this post is about beer.  Specifically, La Klintz, an organic blonde from Brasserie Uberach.

Brasserie Uberach's La Klintz Blonde

I met Nick for lunch last Thursday, and we went to a delightful little bistro near Montparnasse (more on that later).  We were delighted to learn that the restaurant’s only beer offering was “an artisan beer from Alsace.”  So we ordered two.  Negligently without any kind of notepaper (I prefer to let my camera do the note-taking), I resorted to jotting down our tasting notes on my phone.  (Hey, it’s worked before…)  Looking back at them, I find the shorthand almost poetic.

La Klintz
smells grassy citrusy
Unfiltered cloudy
Gold. V good.
blonde, bio
Clean sparkly flavor.
Almost saison
Light spice,
maybe coriander.

So yeah, we liked it.  I’m glad to see that it’s available at La Cave à Bulles, an excellent beer store which features French craft beers and is much closer to my apartment than this restaurant.  They also stock a number of Brasserie Uberach’s other brews, which I am now very interested to try.

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9 03 2010

I love weeks off of work, but like you, I never seem to get through all the plans I have for myself which often include getting ahead of the posting game. I have to say, material for posts is sometimes half the battle anyway so kudos to you.

9 03 2010

I’m going to keep my eye out for this (unless it’s really hard to find, in which case I’ll give up very quickly)! I do like beer, but am not very good at the super dark and strong beers. More of a Corona girl… And I feel you on the not quite stockpiling blogposts as one sometimes hopes to – everytime I get on a train I think I’ll get some done, and then I just end up staring out the window and getting frustrated when the trains inevitably stop for “technical difficulties” in the middle of nowhere…

(Yes, I’m not enamoured with Belgium’s train system right now.)

11 03 2010
hungry dog

I like that photo! And not just because I could go for a beer right now.

11 03 2010

Jessica – Thanks! It’s good to know I’m not the only one.

Hannah – Sorry about your train difficulties! 😦 You’d think that would give you more time to work, though… 😉

hungry dog – So could I!

12 03 2010
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