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17 02 2010

Inspired by one of Hannah’s many chocolate tastings over at Wayfaring Chocolate, I decided to make some of my very own coffee toffee.  Then crush it up and bake it into brownies.

Stack o' coffee toffee brownies

Using my now-regular brownie recipe,  I made my first batch of coffee toffee brownies (it’s just fun to say) for the Super Bowl.  A week later, after dinner at our place, a friend who had been there asked if I would make more brownies.  He wanted chili ones, and Nick wanted coffee toffee.  Since I am a master of compromise, I made both.  In the same pan.  And they were fantastic.

The toffee recipe comes from (who else?) David Lebovitz.  I found it in my copy of The Perfect Scoop, where he makes it with toasted almonds and coats it with chocolate.  He posted it on his blog, too.  For the coffee toffee, I halved the recipe and substituted 50 grams (about half a cup) of coffee beans for the nuts.  I also omitted the chocolate, since they were going in brownies anyway.  I crushed the coffee beans a bit before pouring the toffee over them, but you could leave them whole if you wanted to.  Once the toffee had cooled, I broke it into a few pieces and put them in a plastic bag.  Then I whacked it to pieces with a rolling pin, which was great fun.  For the first batch, I stirred about 1/2 cup (70 grams) of crushed toffee into the brownie batter before baking.  The second time around, a regular batch of chili brownies got a sprinkling of toffee bits on top before going in the oven.

Would you believe there’s still some coffee toffee left over?  It makes great snacks, but you can’t eat too much at once – at least I can’t.  Wondering about the festive background in that picture?  That was my birthday present, a brand-new ice cream maker!  Perhaps the last of the toffee will find its way into a batch of ice cream… or the top of a sundae.

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17 02 2010

what type of chili ??

17 02 2010

Squee!!! You are absolutely brilliant, and I’m honoured that my humble chocolate obsession could spark off such genius as chilli coffee toffee brownies! 😀

They look so gloriously squidgy, too… can’t wait for ice cream recipes (though it will pain me, not having one myself and all).

18 02 2010

Whenever I see pictures of brownies like these I am reminded that I need to make some real soon! Keep me posted about your chili brownies, that is my absolute favorite!

18 02 2010

Those sound so incredible! Can’t wait to try…

18 02 2010
hungry dog

Wait…coffee toffee? Why have I ever heard of/thought of this? Brilliant. Of course it came from DL, he’s the best. And stirred into brownies? even better. Although why not just go full on, and make a coffee toffee brownie ice cream sundae topped with more coffee toffee? Or would that be going too far?

18 02 2010
Lindsay Beeson

So glad I came across this! I have started making my own toffee, but when I try to incorporate it into unbaked cookie dough, it melts far before the cookie dough starts to firm up in the oven, and creates a spotchy mess. Have you run across this at all?

I’m thinking I may have brought the toffee to too high a temperature (305 F) before I panned it to cool. I have since made toffee that I panned at around 280, but haven’t had the cojones to mix that in with precious cookie dough yet.

Any information would be so helpful. Thank you!

18 02 2010

Morisseau – This time, I used a combination of guajillo, arbol, and cayenne (because the other ground chilis have lost a bit of their potency since I first wrote the recipe).

Hannah – I thought you might be pleased. 🙂

tasteofbeirut – You can find the recipe here:

emiglia – Thank you!

hungry dog – That did, in fact, cross my mind. 😉

Lindsay – Well, this toffee was cooked to 300F, and I guess it did melt a bit into the brownie batter as it baked, but since I had the coffee beans for crunch I didn’t notice as much. Also, I imagine that the baking pan helped to keep everything in one place. Could you bake your cookies in bar form?

18 02 2010
Lindsay Beeson

Thank you! I’m gonna try that out, as well as using the lower-temp-made toffee in drop cookies.

PS: I neglected to say it before … chocolate, coffee, toffee. Be still my heart!

19 02 2010
Dinners & Dreams

Amazing recipe. Thank you.


19 02 2010

Lindsay – You’re welcome! I hope they turn out!

Dinners & Dreams – Thank YOU. 🙂

20 02 2010

What a great idea-these sound and look so decadently rich and delicious! I love toffee but have never tried making it myself. But when I do, I definitely plan on adding it to brownies! YUM!

21 02 2010

Megan – Toffee isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds, just make sure you have a good thermometer. I highly recommend the brownies. 🙂

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