Around Paris: 12th: Blé Sucré

5 02 2010

Artsy B&W photo of the sign

The name means “sweet wheat.”  (Hey, it rhymes in French AND in English!  Neat.)  And Blé Sucré is sweet indeed.  Having had the place recommended several times by one Mr. David Lebovitz,  I knew the quick jaunt down to the charming Square Trousseau near the Place de la Bastille would be more than worth it.

Beautiful, shiny gâteaux at Blé Sucré

On my first visit, I sampled one of their incredibly flaky croissants and a dense, rich rectangle composed of chocolate and peanut butter (a daring combination in Paris).  And on my second visit…

Salted butter caramel réligieuse

Salted butter caramel réligieuse!  Heaven.  Tender pâte à choux, creamy salted caramel pastry cream inside, and REAL caramel, cooked dark, how I like it, for the glaze.  And the glaze is not fondant, so double points for that.  But if you think we stopped there, you’re wrong.

Din-Don (that's French for Ding Dong)

That is the “soufflé chocolat-mandarine.”  Moist, airy cake flavored with orange zest sandwiches a creamy chocolate ganache and the whole thing is enrobed in a thin, crisp chocolate shell.  Like a Ding-Dong, but so much better!

We wisely did decide to stop there, but we will certainly be back again soon.

Blé Sucré storefront

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5 02 2010

That’s my local! On your next visit, try the biscuits (I like the speculoos particularly), dangerously good with an afternoon cup of tea.

5 02 2010

Oh, man! Way to spark a craving! (I’m quite amenable to suggestion.) I’m all about the dark caramel, too. Any chance you’ll open your own “Sweet Wheat” in these parts one day?

5 02 2010
laura k

Wow. That salted caramel réligieuse just gave me chills of dessert longing.

BTW, out of all the many comments you’ve left on my blog I only recently picked up that you formerly lived in Walla Walla. I’m slow like that. Were you a Whittie? 🙂

6 02 2010

Oh Camille! You know how to make a girl emotionally distraught – I can’t believe I have to wait until March to get to Ble Sucre (gosh, I wish I knew how to use the symbol keys here), while at the same time I’m having so much fun in the US that I never want to leave. Ah, my life is so tragic! 😛

(P.S. Good to hear you had a religieuse experience to replace the sad memory of Laduree’s failure!)

6 02 2010

Shira – Lucky! (Although with Du Pain et Des Idées nearby, I really can’t complain.)

trisha – It’s possible, though more likely to be a chocolaterie…

laura k – Yes I was – can’t believe it’s nearly my 10th reunion already!

Hannah – Not to distress you further, but there’s a chocolate shop about a block away. 😉

6 02 2010

Oh Camille. You’re my hero.

6 02 2010
hungry dog

How lucky you are to be able to go to such a lovely bakery! Those pastries look (almost) too good to eat. Your photos are fabulous.

7 02 2010

Hannah – 😀

hungry dog – I feel lucky every day to be living in Paris.

7 02 2010

Looks like a Moon Pie to me.

8 02 2010

dw – I guess I’ve never been totally clear on the differences between Ho-Hos, Dong-Dongs, Moon Pies, etc.

11 02 2010

I am going to pay them a visit on my next visit to Paris!

12 02 2010

tasteofbeirut – You won’t regret it! 🙂

7 03 2010

Hi, do you know their opening times? I really want to go there during my weekend trip to Paris!

8 03 2010

Hazelle – Normally the information would be on my map, but as it’s currently under construction, I’ll tell you that they’re open 7am-7:30pm Tues-Sat, and 7am-1:30pm on Sundays. Hope you have a great trip!

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