Helping the Hungry in Haiti

18 01 2010

As the stories from Haiti continue to roll in (I saw one this afternoon about some people who had been rescued from a collapsed supermarket – one guy survived five days on peanut butter and jelly), it is dawning on me how enormously devastated the country has been by this earthquake.  I just read a post on Pastry Methods and Techniques where Jenni has pledged to donate her ad revenues for the month of January to the relief effort in Haiti.  She joins Marc from [No Recipes], whose Blog Away Hunger page now has a Help Haiti section which explains how to help the participating bloggers (which now include myself) maximize their donations.

So for the month of January, all my ad revenue (it’s not much, but every little bit helps) will be going to the World Food Programme.  Said money won’t come in for a couple months, but I’m sure the people of Haiti will still be in need of aid then – especially after the media coverage slows down.  If you want to help, too, click on any of the above links for more information and ways to help.

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18 01 2010
hungry dog

I know, it’s hard to get a grasp on the kind of devastation Haitians are suffering now. That’s good of you to direct your ad revenue that way. I’m going to donate today…

19 01 2010

That’s a kind thing to do, Camille. Is there anyway I can up the ad revenue? Is it something that is automatic just from being on your blog, or will it go up if I click on the ads myself?

19 01 2010

Great idea Camille!

19 01 2010

Great idea. It’s good to remind us that there’s always something we can do. Another great way to help the World Food Programme is to buy the Bloggeraid Changing the Face of Famine Cookbook!

19 01 2010

Hi, in case anyone would like to donate, please go to This is a very well known organization. We know people from them who go and work directly in Haiti.

19 01 2010

hungry dog – Good!

Hannah – I’m paid based on pageviews, so the more posts you click through, the better! You mentioned something about going back through the archives… now would be a great time to do so.

Tasteofbeirut – Thanks!

Hopie – You’re absolutely right!

gabriella – Thanks for the tip.

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