Remembrance Risotto

2 01 2010

The Christmas goose may be gone, but its memory lives on in the two quarts of stock I made from the carcass.  Périgord month may have gone the way of 2009, and porcini (aka cèpe, another gourmet classic grown in Périgord) season may have wound down for another year – as evidenced by my fruitless search of Paris’ biggest outdoor market a couple of weeks ago – but at least they can be a year-round treat if they’re dried.  The season for fresh peas was so long ago that it’s once again in the near future, but their spirits lie dormant in the freezer, awaiting only a little warmth to bring them back for a meal.

Pea and Porcini Risotto

Throw some short-grained Italian rice into the mix, and these memories become very much a part of the present, as a warming dinner for a cold winter night.

I find the more often I make risotto, the less it seems like a big deal.  In my kitchen repertoire, risotto is edging its way into the “weeknight quickie” category, because really all you need is some stock, rice, and something fresh (or frozen, or dried) to give it personality.  It can serve as a hearty first course, but I like to scoop up a heaping bowl and make it the main event.

One-dish meal.

Happy 2010 to all.  May it bring joy, luck, new discoveries, and delicious memories.

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2 01 2010

Ce risotto a l’air délicieux ! Un de mes plats favoris que l’on peut apprêter de nombreuses façons. Bon appétit et Bonne Année 🙂

2 01 2010

Mmm, that sounds like a wonderful thing to make with the duck stock. I have a couple quarts hanging out in my freezer as well, just waiting for something like this 😉

2 01 2010
hungry dog

Happy new year to you, too, Camille! Your risotto looks gorgeous. I’m like you, risotto is something I now feel I can whip up pretty easily during the week–it’s not a lot of work and you can put whatever suits your fancy in!

3 01 2010

I love the earthy strength that dried porcini lend to risottos! This looks divine – and my style of risotto, as I prefer them drier than soupier 🙂

3 01 2010

isathreadsoflife – Merci beaucoup!

Hopie – Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

hungry dog – I know, risotto is fun like that. 🙂

Hannah – Dried porcinis make just about everything better, I think. 😉

4 01 2010

Oh that looks so yummy! Perfect cold weather food. My easy weeknight dinner of choice lately is fritatta. I just throw whatever I’ve got in the pantry, some fresh herbs from the garden, and a little cheese in with 8-10 eggs. It bakes up fluffy and flavorful and EASY.

5 01 2010

Hi I found you over on Chez Loulou’s blog…we love risotto and I make it a lot, thanks to Loulou’s fantastic baked Risotto….it is delicious.

5 01 2010

LauraTurtle – Eggs are awesome for fast, easy meals. So versatile, too.

anne – I’ve yet to try a baked risotto, but I do try to keep the stirring to a minimum. 🙂

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