A Triumph

21 10 2009

It’s actually been pretty fun at work this week.  I haven’t said that in a year and a half, and I was afraid I never would.  We’ve been trying out new recipes for the bûches de Noël for this holiday season.  Not only do I like experimenting in the kitchen for the way it breaks up the general work routine, but this year I have been included in the proceedings.  As in, asked for my opinions and for any ideas I might have in the way of new bûche flavor combinations.

I really wanted to do a chocolate/banana/peanut butter thing, but I know better than to get too wacky (i.e. American) with this crowd.  So I Frenchified the idea, swapping in praliné mousse for the peanut one.  I ordered some bananas and when they were good and ripe I sliced up a couple and sautéed them with butter, raw sugar, and rum.  The chef found an intriguing recipe for a banana biscuit, so we tried it, and it’s delicious.  I put a sample of the cake together today, and when we tasted it, we knew we had a winner on our hands.  So just like that, my creation is going to be produced and sold this Christmas and New Year’s.  If you live in Paris, I highly recommend you come pick one up when the time rolls around.  (Or better yet, reserve one in advance.  I’ll let you know the details at a later date.)

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22 10 2009

do let me know when i can order one. i’m totally in!! sounds delicious.

22 10 2009

Oooh sounds good to me too. And D.’s going to DIE for that combination.

22 10 2009

I am dying.

24 10 2009
Ann Mah

Yay! I’m so thrilled you got to a little experimenting and I can’t wait to taste your creation! Chapeau!

27 10 2009

Thanks, everyone!

29 10 2009

I bet the praline is even better than peanut butter. The bisquite I love. You must share that recipe! I have one with ground banana chips.

29 10 2009

Rhonda – It’s from a book by Frédéric Bau, who trained with Pierre Hermé, and involves swirling caramelized banana puree over a very moist biscuit before baking. It not only tastes like banana bread, but it looks cool, too! I’ll email you the recipe this weekend.

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