C’est Moi Le Chef!

5 08 2009

Or is it la Cheffe?  No, chef is one of those sexist French words that has no feminine form.  At any rate, the chef is on vacation this month and he left me in charge.  In addition to my usual pastry and chocolate production duties, I am now responsible for planning and overseeing what gets done each day, defrosting the freezers at the appropriate time, and all of the ordering… which has yet to go entirely smoothly. 

Following a very difficult conversation yesterday with the secretary of the produce company, I consider it a triumph that the only thing wrong with this morning’s order was that the grapes were green instead of purple.  (I was informed by a colleague after getting off the phone that their secretary is notoriously terrible – I’m glad it’s not just me and my French skills, or lack thereof.)  Today I was anxiously awaiting the call from another purveyor.  I had the order prepared as soon as I finished the morning pastries, but by the time I had finished for the day and was ready to go home, they still hadn’t called.  I eventually had to track down their number and wait on hold for what felt like hours, although it was probably more like ten minutes.  At least once I got through the lady on the other end of the line seemed to understand what I was saying.  I feel pretty confident that tomorrow morning the right quantities of the correct items will be waiting for me.

Being in charge, so far, is great.  I get to choose the music; my lunch “hour” has been reduced to 30 minutes, because I like going home early; and I don’t have to wonder what’s on today’s prep list.  It’s also much more tiring than I expected.  Upon arriving home yesterday I fell straight asleep – something I very rarely do.  Today, though, I got home and wanted to cook.  I finally made the tzatziki I’ve been promising myself for weeks, using the now-sad-looking cucumber that I got a couple of CSA paniers ago.  It is waiting patiently in the fridge, the flavors slowly melding, for the apérothat usually accompanies Nick’s return home.  But I’m not done.  Hopie has gone and written about butterscotch pudding, so now I have to make it.  Unless I decide to make chocolate pudding.  Or both.  In a pie crust.  That’s probably not going to happen.  Today.  If there are any leftovers this weekend, though…

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5 08 2009

You go, Camille! I hear you about the horror of ordering–I had to check in orders every morning, and I was forever sending stuff back and calling our reps to send out what we needed on “the next truck.” What a pain!

Enjoy your tzatziki-laced apéro; you have surely earned it!

6 08 2009

So, not much play while the boss is away… But, I’m sure it is great experience… Any chance you’ll be slipping any of your flavor combinations into the mix? Good luck with it all and hopefully you’re energy level will adjust accordingly so you can also enjoy some of the beautiful summer weather!

6 08 2009

ugh, need coffee. your, not you’re 🙂

6 08 2009

Funny how there is no feminine version of the word Chef…
Sounds like you are doing a great job! Enjoy!

6 08 2009

And no masculine version for the word “victim”, I always found that lovely. You go cheffe! (It’ll catch on…) Chocolate and butterscotch pudding in a pie crust! I see there will be stiff competition for the title of Evil Pudding Genius 😉

6 08 2009

pastrychef – It would appear that I spoke too soon – this morning, instead of 5 buckets of whipping cream, there was one (which, incidentally, equals 5 liters). Not enough to get me through the weekend. You can be sure they got an angry phone call. I should be getting 20 more liters tomorrow. Along with a bunch of eggs I don’t need so they would make the delivery. If you think it’s bad in English…

Lissa – Well, I have been sneaking salt into most everything. 😉 And I did manage to get done by 2pm today, so I enjoyed a nice afternoon bike ride and walk to get some bread.

Loulou – Thanks! I’m sure you’re experiencing some of the joys of the mysogynistic world that is the French professional kitchen. 🙂

Hopie – Maybe we should start a puddingtournoi. Kidding.

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