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3 08 2009

“It’s been a while since you did a post on Awesome Things in the French Supermarket,” Nick says to me as he pulls not one, but two bags of potato chips from the shopping bag.

“True,” I reply, pretty sure that potato chips are not a healthy part of a vegetable-heavy diet.  Especially ham-flavored ones. 

My favorite part is the old guy on the corner of the bag, lovingly inspecting a chip.

They were pretty good, though… if you like smoky bacon.  Which I do, as I am sure it is apparent to even semi-regular readers of this blog.  And I bet they’re killer with onion dip.  There was also a bag of mustard-flavored potato chips (“les chips,” pronounced sheeps, en français) which I just now had to  open and taste in order to write an informed post.  Sometimes life is hard.

...and by mustard they mean Dijon.

I may like the mustard ones even better.  The mustard flavor is subtle – no sinus clearing heat – but so perfectly paired with the potato chip that I wonder why they don’t make these in the States.  Although it’s entirely possible that a French food-lover would wonder the same thing upon first tasting a cheddar cheese-flavored chip.

Let it be noted that I am not the world’s biggest potato chip fan.  Sure I’ll eat them, and find it hard to stop, but I don’t crave them.  Given the choice I will almost always pick corn chips, crackers, popcorn, Chex Mix, or any of the multitude other crunchy salty snacks that are served at barbecues and sporting events.  That said, the range of unfamiliar flavors available in France certainly piques my curiosity – roasted chicken potato chips, anyone?

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3 08 2009
City Girl

I grew up in Switzerland (French part) and much preferred the chips there (hhhm, ham flavor – or herbes de Provence – or paprika) than the ones I encountered when I moved to the U.S. for college. Ironically I was much more of a chips addict PRIOR to living in the U.S..

4 08 2009

Mmm, roasted chicken potato chips are so yummy. But right now I’m enjoying cheddar and sour cream flavored ones to my heart’s content 😉

5 08 2009

City Girl – That is funny!

Hopie – Yum!

29 08 2009

OMG! I visited Paris for 5 weeks last summer and I could not stop my self from eating those very Mustard chips. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get some sent to me ever since. If you happen to know of a way let me know! 🙂


30 08 2009

Tally – Unfortunately, I can’t think of a good, cheap way to get those chips to you without them getting completely crushed in transit. somehow I don’t think sprinkling Lay’s with powdered mustard would be quite the same, but it might be worth a shot!

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