Eat Like An American

6 07 2009

This is meant for one person?

Somehow I have let another week get by without posting anything.  I wanted to put up this pictorial ode to the Excessiveness of American Eating before the 4th, so that we could all revel in it together, but then I went back to work and had forgotten how tiring it can be.  And then the cat disappeared for a day (don’t worry, she’s back home now, and has lost her roof privileges), and then 3-euro movie week was ending and we had to go see the new Woody Allen film and all of a sudden it was time to throw together some snacks for a 4th of July picnic in the Parc Floral at the Bois de Vincennes.

The point I’m eventually trying to get to is: Wow, food in America is big!  Check out the sandwich above.  It’s called The Big Pittsburgh, and it’s served at The Jolly Roger Taproom in Seattle.  That bread was at least an inch thick, and piled high with beef, ham, salami, cheese, coleslaw, tomatoes, and fries.  Yes, you read that right, there are fries on the sandwich.

The Big Pittsburgh, angle 2

When ordering the sandwich, you are given the choice of fries or salad.  Nick wisely chose salad, considering there were already plenty of fries.  I neglected to photograph the mountain of enormous smoked onion rings, for which my friend suggested I should have my food blogger’s license revoked.  Trust me when I tell you that they were everything I had hoped for.  I mean, come on.  Thick circles of smoked onion, battered and deep fried?  You would have forgotten about taking pictures, too.

A trip to the West Coast would be incomplete without a visit (or two) to the world’s best fast-food chain. I am referring, of course, to…

In N Out Burger!

Who doesn't love a Double-Double, Animal style?

Oh, my beloved cheeseburger, how I’ve missed you and your grilled onions and thousand-island dressing.  Try as they might, this is one thing the French just can’t do well.  I’m hungry and wistful all over again just thinking about that flame-grilled beef and gooey cheese.  (I should really try not to write blog posts before dinner.)

Big American Soda

So many things about a meal at In N Out are so stereotypically American.  Nick and I marveled at the novelty of being able to fill (and refill!) our drinks, the fact that ice is an option, the offer of “lap mats” when we picked up a quick lunch at the drive-thru.  And the sheer size of the drinks!  From sodas to beers to margaritas, everywhere we went the beverages were huge.  Thankfully, the USA is not short on clean, well-stocked public bathrooms, unlike some countries I can think of.  But then, those countries aren’t serving bottomless iced tea, either.

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10 responses

6 07 2009

Wow, I thought the sandwich photo was a joke. It’s huge!

7 07 2009
Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer

Your burger is very impressive – But I am an in & out fan to the core!!

7 07 2009

“… incomplete without a visit (or two) to the world’s best fast-food chain. I am referring, of course, to…”

I KNEW IT WAS IN n OUT before I clicked to read more…you’re even making ME jealous…and we have Whataburger in Texas. Which is arguably better…but that’s for another day.

I miss In n Out SO Much from SoCal.

Great post…

And while on the subject of Texas…you’ve prompted me to perhaps write a BIG food blog post as well…you know, cos everything is just bigger in Texas.


8 07 2009
Ann @ Cooking the Books

In-N-Out!! Don’t get me started!!!

As for the sandwich, I think the question is not what’s in it, but HOW do you EAT IT?

8 07 2009

Sam – I thought it was a joke when it came to the table! 🙂

Cathy – Me, too!

Jody – Goody! I can’t wait to read it. If I never really gave Whataburger a fair shot, it’s only because I was too busy eating delicious Texas BBQ.

Ann – I had to consult with Nick on this one, as I opted for the sliders, but he says he just cut it in half, picked it up, and ate it. (And left the other half on the plate.)

8 07 2009

I eat my In N’ Out “ANIMAL STYLE” for the record…hee hee hee!!!

10 07 2009

I found you through Hope’s blog and wanted to pop in and tell you I thoroughly enjoy your blog and wow this is a frightening amount of food!

12 07 2009

Jody – Me, too, although I’m still not entirely sure what that means! 😉

Tony – Glad you found me! And yes, it is.

25 07 2009

That sandwich is ridiculous. Almost makes me embarrassed to be American. hahaha. I kid, I kid.

And you’re right about America being fabulous for making ice an option and allowing re-fills on drinks.

Oh, and nice blog. I’ve been reading for a while, though this is my first comment.

26 07 2009

James – I know what you mean. I showed that sandwich picture to my colleagues and had to explain that that was NOT a typical American sandwich. 🙂 And thank you!

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