Spring is Here!

3 04 2009

Not that you’d know it from the weather today, but trust me, there have been more sunny days than not this week in Paris.  And last Sunday at the market I bought asparagus, peas, and sweet strawberries!

To celebrate the arrival of spring, I made this risotto with the asparagus and peas.

Early Spring Vegetable Risotto

It tasted as good as it looks.  I also made a fresh fruit tart with the strawberries and the kiwis that I got in my CSA panier (who knew kiwis grew in the Loire valley?).  The meal was a lovely first taste of spring, and made me hungry for more.

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3 04 2009
City Girl

How wonderful. I can’ t wait for spring here in Washington, DC – as for the kiwis – who knew indeed!

5 04 2009

I am so psyched about asparagus, I’ve missed it so much! I love risottos that are heavy on the veggies. Especially the spring veggies. Your is lovely!

5 04 2009

I’m awaiting the asparagus season, I haven’t seen any of the English stuff yet though. This looks wonderfully springy! I love the photo.

6 04 2009

Ooh, I want the recipe for the kiwi strawberry tart. The strawberries at the fruits et légumes by my house are super cheap right now, although they’re still from Spain, so maybe another week or two. I couldn’t believe we got kiwis in the panier! How awesome was that! I just ate them straight 😉

6 04 2009

This risotto looks like spring! I bet it tasted like it too. I can’t complain about any sort of lack of procude as we have amazing farmers’ markets here, but I do wish I was part of a CSA program. If I ever move somewhere where I can’t have my own garden, I am definitely signing up. It seems like it would be a great surprise every week and such a good way to ensure you’re cooking with seasonal, locally grown food!

6 04 2009

City Girl – I’m sure it’s just around the corner. 🙂

Andrea – I, too, get psyched for the return of the asparagus every year. And eating vegetable laden risotto just makes me feel healthy. Win-win.

Sam – It’ll come. Thanks!

Hopie – Make crust. Make pastry cream. Put pastry cream in crust. Top with fruit. A more detailed recipe, with pictures, is coming soon to a blog near you!

Jessica – You sure are lucky in Southern California. The CSA is fun, though, and I love knowing that it’s all grown organically, and only an hour or two away.

8 04 2009

I’m happy I’m making asparagus tonight. That risotto looks so good. There was a great pasta dish I bookmarked a week ago in Food and Wine with asparagus and peas. I imagine they taste wonderful together.

10 04 2009

They do – it’s like a big bite of Spring!

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