One More Cheese From Savoie…

31 03 2009

Before I let go of the cheesy, meaty sumptuousness that is Savoyard cuisine.

A tasty slice of Morbier on a chunk of bread

Remember when I went to the Salon Gastronomique and tasted the best Morbier ever?  Well, I’m finally writing a few words about it.  Morbier is a highly aromatic (that’s a nice way of saying smelly) cheese, and the telltale stripe of ash through the center can be off-putting at first, but the cheese itself is rich, smooth, and nutty, with just a hint of sourness on the finish to balance it out.  Absolutely delicious.  It has AOC status and an interesting story behind the ash: once upon a time, the cheese was covered with ash at the end of the day in order to prevent it from forming a rind overnight.  The next day, more cheese curds were added to finish the wheel and the whole thing was washed.  I guess they have other ways of keeping the rind from forming now, but the distinctive look of the Morbier was set.

(Just read on the official Morbier website that only cheeses from Doubs and Jura in the Franche-Comté region have AOC status.  All I know is, the guy at the salon said his cheese was from Savoie, and that it was delectable.  Sorry for the confusion.)

Originally published on Croque-Camille.


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