Enchiladas Robuchon

24 03 2009

Really, I just wanted to write the title of this post.  The rest isn’t that interesting.

Roasted endive quarters and Jambon de Bayonne

Unless, of course, you like your vegetables wrapped in ham and covered in cheese sauce.  Then you should try this, the idea for which came from Joël Robuchon’s excellent book.

Enchiladas Robuchon, before I drowned them in Béchamel

His simple, straightforward recipe says something along the lines of: “boil endives, wrap in slices of ham, cover in Béchamel sauce and top with grated cheese.  Bake until heated through.”  And that’s pretty much exactly what I did, except that since I was already heating up the oven and getting a gratin dish dirty, I just quartered the endives and roasted them in there before wrapping them up in Jambon de Bayonne.  The result?  Enchiladas, if the French had invented them.

It even has all four food groups!  (See the bread in the back?)

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25 03 2009

Well, well, well! That looks great:D Enchiladas Robuchon–who’d have thunk?! French ham as tortilla–fusion cooking at its best! I suppose you could pretty much stick whatever veggie/veggies inside that guy, too.

25 03 2009

Sacré bleu!

25 03 2009

I’ve never tried endive but that looks amazing!

26 03 2009

Nice title. Oh, and the rest looks okay too. Seriously though, I bet I could get D. to eat endives if I wrapped them in ham and covered them in cheese. You’re brilliant!

26 03 2009

pastrychef – Yeah, leeks would be good, or cauliflower…

Nicole – Zut alors!

Sam – Thanks, and you should. I even like it NOT coated in ham and cheese, but that makes everything better! 🙂

Hopie – *blushing* So what have you been doing with all the endives from the panier?

27 03 2009

Oh, putting them in salads mostly…

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