Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

10 03 2009

In a cruel twist of fate (or lack of planning somewhere closer to home) the passion fruit purée did not get delivered to work today.  So instead of spending my post-lunch torpor making the passion fruit mousse as planned, I cut larger cakes into smaller ones all afternoon.  (Not a good way to work through the postprandial dip.)  The worst part about this is that cutting the cakes is my usual Friday afternoon activity.  But we are far from Friday.  My last task of the day was to put the dusty plastic Smurf figurines in a bath of hot water, soap, and two drops of bleach.  *Bashing head against wall.*  Although I must admit I have always loved the French (read: true) name for the Smurfs: Les Schtroumpfs.  It’s an 11-letter word with two vowels!

Anyway, the cold, dreary, rainyness of today has not made me feel inspired to write the post I had originally planned for today.  (I guess it’s just that kind of day around here.)  Somehow, I have gotten a hankering for some spaghetti bolognaise.  Off in search of ground meat I go.

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13 03 2009

Well, you may not have been able to do the post you wanted to, but I’m so glad I know the French word for Smurf. Can’t wait to share it with my sister — we e-mail each other new French words (she’s far, far away at college). Last time she sent me esperluette.

13 03 2009

Oh, there, there. The good news is, it’s almost the weekend now:) and Les Schtroumphs is now my new favorite word, so thanks for that! Hope the bolognaise was all you wanted it to be–it truly is great comfort food.

18 03 2009

Trisha – Ok, you win, what does that one mean? (It’s not in any of my dictionaries!)

pastrychef – It absolutely hit the spot.

13 04 2009

Camille: Esperluette, according to my university-attending, French-speaking little sis, is how you say ampersand. I didn’t look it up before reporting it here, though!

14 04 2009

I’ll have to take your word for it. It’s sure a fun one to say, though! 🙂

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