Worthwhile French Beers: 3 Monts

30 01 2009

So I had big plans for a detailed write-up of my gastronomic indulgence at Astier last weekend, but it’s Friday evening, and all I really want is a beer.  So we’ll cut the pear in two, as they say, and I’ll write about 3 Monts.

3 Monts in its natural habitat

3 Monts is a beer I first encountered on the last day of our Lille trip last November.  Nick and I were having a rather mediocre lunch in a restaurant near the train station.  Fortunately, the beer made up for it.  Smooth and malty with a nice bitter hop finish, 3 Monts was one of the highlights of a beer-filled weekend.

3 Monts with official glassware

3 Monts is brewed by the Brasserie de Saint Sylvestre, which is located in the commune of Saint Sylvestre Cappel.  It is right on the Belgian border, and, like many of the breweries in the region, evinces a Belgian approach to beer.  The French styles tend to be less sweet than their Belgian counterparts, but both have a predilection for deceptively strong beers.  3 Monts, for example, clocks in at 8.5% alcohol, which you will probably not notice until after your second or third glass (especially if you’re drinking it with a meal).

Somehow, the bottles we brought home from Lille managed to hide in the back of the cupboard until last week.  We unearthed one Sunday afternoon and enjoyed it over a game of cribbage.  When Nick poured it out into our non-official Leffe glasses, the thick, lacy head and the effervescent golden liquid beneath caused him to declare, “It’s beautiful, this beer.”

He’s absolutely right.  In fact, I may just open the other bottle right now.

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3 02 2009

I love the picture of you two, all cozy and playing cribbage while sipping a brew. Ryan and I did something very similar the other day (no brew for me yet, but still…)

5 02 2009

It may be my ideal Sunday afternoon activity, especially on gray winter days!

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