Exploring France: Auvergne: Spring Water

28 01 2009

The volcanic terrain of Auvergne is home to a myriad of natural springs.  From pungent mineral-infused waters to pure, fresh-tasting naturally filtered waters, Auvergne is the source of many of France’s famous spring waters.

A trio of spring waters from Auvergne

Volvic is my personal favorite.  It is relatively low in minerals, so it tastes clean, like water should.  (It even tastes good at room temperature, which is the acid test for bottled water.)  The waters from Vichy are the polar opposite.  They are usually sparkling (as opposed to still), with flavors ranging from metallic to downright sulfurous.  The natural springs at Vichy have long been a tourist attraction and a destination for those seeking the supposed healing powers of the water.  (Hey, if your water stinks, just tell everyone it’s extra good for them!)  To this day, the waters from Vichy claim various health benefits: weight loss, clearer skin, improved digestion, invigorated humours… well, probably not that last one so much anymore.

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6 02 2009
Sarah Shaffer

Volvic was always my favorite in France. It reminded me of Portland water…all the way from the Bull Run. I tasted several before settling on Volvic. You can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

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