Magical Transformations

16 01 2009

One of the things I love most about cooking is the seemingly magical way food can be transformed.  Take an onion, for example.  Cut open a raw one and your eyes begin to water.  Taking a bite will confirm its pungency and leave you with the breath to prove it.  But take that same onion, slice it, and cook it slowly in a fair amount of fat with a pinch of salt, and you end up with something entirely different.

Yep, another photo of caramelized onions

(Do you sense my never ending fascination with caramelized onions?)

A whole potimarron

Likewise, something as sturdy as a winter squash can be diced and roasted to produce sweet, yielding bites; puréed and made into soup, main dish, side, or even dessert – the only limit is your imagination.

Diced potimarron, ready for the oven

And don’t even get me started on cheese…

Milk’s leap toward immortality never ceases to amaze me.  Blue, rindy, hard, runny, holey, spreadable, crumbly, stinky, stretchy – no matter the characteristics, all cheeses start out as milk.

I also like before-and-after photos.

Yeast, too, and its (to me, at least) very cool transformative properties are another source of fun in the kitchen.

The obligatory "after" shot

Put them all together, and you have one delicious pizza.

Dinner is served

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4 responses

17 01 2009

I like the stylistic change for today’s blog. Very ponderous (is that the right way to phrase it? I don’t know, but you know what I mean..).

17 01 2009

This recipe looks delicious .. and quiet simple to make .. Laila ..

18 01 2009

Wow that does look like a delicious pizza. You know how I feel about caramelized onions….mmmm…and potimarron…mmmm. I’ll excuse myself before this gets any more indecent!

19 01 2009

Colleen – Thanks, and I think I do know what you mean, although ponderous is not the right word, I hope!

limeandlemon – Yeah, I like to keep homemade pizza dough in the freezer for quick, simple meals.

Hopie – Ha!

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