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12 01 2009

It’s time for another round of Awesome Things You Can Find in a French Supermarket.  I love how so many products that are considered “gourmet” or even “health food” in the U.S. are everyday grocery items here.  Here are a couple of yogurts that I picked up on a recent trip to Casino.

Sheep's milk yogurt

Goat's milk yogurt

That’s right, sheep and goat yogurts.  I’m fairly certain you have to go to some kind of specialty shop to find anything like this in the States, but not in France.  Of course, given the sheer size of the yogurt section in most supermarkets here, I guess it’s not terribly surprising.  I prefer plain yogurt (which is what makes the sheep and goat yogurts such a fun change of pace – the goat’s has a mildly “goaty” flavor, and the sheep’s has a pleasant tang and rich texture) and I still have a myriad of choices.  Full fat or low fat?  (Um, full fat, please.)  Hand-churned or mass-produced?  Glass containers or plastic?  Active bacteria?  Sweetened?  Drinkable?  Organic?  Brand-name?  When you add in the fruit options, (strawberry? mango? blackcurrant? apple-apricot? coconut?) the combinations become mind-boggling.

Truly, France is a yogurt-lover’s paradise.

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4 responses

12 01 2009

You taunt me with your French yogurts. It’s cruel, really.

12 01 2009

The yogurt section literally cracks me up when I think about it! It’s insane. I’m a definite fan of the goat and sheep yogurts, easier to digest!

13 01 2009

Man, I was just thinking about that today in Monoprix. All that yummy yogurt. I’m a student living in Besançon and you’re right. The States’ supermarkets have nothing on France’s selection.

13 01 2009

erin – You know you love it. 😉

Hopie – I know! And it’s amazing how different plain yogurt can taste when it’s made with various milks.

Elisabeth – It may very well be a national obsession.

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