Winter Warmers

29 12 2008

I’m talking about drinks – the kind that warm you from the inside out.  I’m currently recovering from a nasty bout with the flu (the cough is getting less and less frequent, and my voice is completely back to normal) and Paris has been hit by another cold snap.  The temperature has been hovering right around freezing, which makes it the perfect weather for wool socks, cozy sweaters, and hot toddies.

Just add hot water

Ah, the hot toddy.  I don’t really have a recipe, but I have my friend Jeremy to thank for teaching me how to make them and that they are the world’s best cold remedy.  It warms your belly, soothes your throat, and sends you peacefully off to sleep.  So how do I make it?  Bring some water to a boil.  Pour a slug of whiskey (I am digging the Irish whiskey these days, but use what you like) into a mug.  Add a slice of lemon (if you’re lucky enough to have access to Meyer lemons, they’re the best).  Pour in the hot water and sweeten to taste with honey.  Repeat nightly until your cough is gone or the weather warms up, whichever comes last.

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30 12 2008

Ah, I could do with one of those. I can’t breathe, which is a little worrying.

Unfortunately I never have whiskey in the apartment, as it is one drink which, for whatever reason, I just can’t stand the taste of. The hot toddie is the only way I can drink it, and even then it’s probably because I’ve lost my sense of taste.

I’ve been to Bushmills quite often, it isn’t far from where I grew up – but I must be the only person ever to go on the tour of the distillery and not leave semi-drunk from having tried all the free samples! 🙂

30 12 2008

Oh the hot toddies! I LOVE hot toddies. I might have to go make one now…

31 12 2008

Ah yes, our house has been filled with the aroma of warm bourbon of late

31 12 2008

I wish I had one of these right now since I’m just coming down with a cold. Great excuse for a little whiskey!

31 12 2008

I’m sorry you had the flu! I got a stomach bug on Christmas 😦 No fun. I love warm winter drinks, especially this kind. Also have to say the hot chocolate you posted looks sinful and wonderful at the same time!

5 01 2009

Hails – Are you sure you’re Irish? 😉

Ikrier – You should!

Kiran – I bet it has. Thank your man again for me!

Andrea – Exactly. Hope you’re feeling better!

Hopie – I must say, being sick at Christmas is the pits, but at least it’s a good excuse to make lots of comforting/indulgent hot drinks. 🙂

7 01 2009

OMG…I was thinking about a recipe like this because both my partner and I are suffering from colds……I am going out right now to get some of that whiskey! Thanks!

7 01 2009

You’re welcome, and I hope it helps you both feel better!

7 01 2009
t diskin

These are a winter-time staple at home after the kiddos go to bed. Ours are typically made with bourbon (usually Makers Mark…fin on it’s own, not so expensive that you don’t mind mixing it). We’ve even added a few ingredients like honey, tea (something mild like french verveine), orange…any citrus…but I agree, the meyers are wonderful.

Cheers and thanks for sharing your experiences in beautiful Paris!

11 01 2009

Cheers to you, too!

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