Fournée au Chèvre

4 12 2008

Or, to sound less fancy-pants, bacon-wrapped goat cheese.

How could I not buy this?

Here in France I am often stumbling across “convenience” products like this which I suppose are commonplace to French consumers but are totally awesome to me.  I mean, bacon-wrapped goat cheese?  For two euros?  That’s awesome.  You might be able to find something like this in the prepared-food section of some gourmet grocery stores with a huge markup, but in France, it’s at the supermarket.

Obviously, I had to buy it.  I hatched a lovely plan to pan-fry these beauties and serve them warm on a bed of watercress dressed in apple cider vinaigrette.  The watercress was already washed and waiting in the fridge, the vinaigrette was already made, it was going to be the fastest appetizer salad ever in my kitchen.  I busted out the nonstick pan (didn’t want to risk my precious cheeses getting stuck to the pan) and started frying.

The great duo of bacon and cheese

That’s when I went into the fridge to get the rest of the salad ingredients.  Vinaigrette?  Check.  Gave it a little shake in its tiny Tupperware and it was good to go.  Carefully washed, dried, loosely wrapped in a paper towel and an open plastic bag a day or two prior, my watercress should have been fine.  But it had all gone yellow.  Crap!  Nick, intrepid soul that he is, tasted a leaf as I asked hopefully, “Does it taste yellow?”  “Blech.  Yeah.” Came the reply.  Into the garbage can it went, and the warm, crisped cheeses went onto our plates alone.  And we ate them that way.  Smoky, salty bacon and creamy, tangy goat cheese, it turns out, need no other adornment.  I will be buying these again for sure.

I’m sending this to Chez Loulou for the monthly Fête du Fromage roundup.  Look for it on the 15th!

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4 12 2008

YUM – do you think it would be best to use a plain smoked bacon you could find at the market?

5 12 2008

I’d advise using a thinly sliced bacon, so it can crisp up before the cheese melts all over the pan. A lightly smoked bacon would be great – here in France the most common woods used for smoking are beech and oak, so the flavor is certainly different from the mesquite, hickory, apple, cherry, or pecan wood smoke so widely used in America. Still, it’s hard to go wrong with bacon and cheese!

6 12 2008

Yum … they look a little like Rocamadour.

6 12 2008

Ooh, I’ve succumbed to the bacon wrapped goat cheese from the supermarket already! That’s yummy yummy stuff.

7 12 2008

Laquet – I admit, I had to look that one up! But you’re right, they do resemble Rocamadour.

Hopie – I imagine they’ll be making regular appearances on my dinner table from now on. 😉

15 12 2008

Hi just called over from Chez Loulou’s blog.

What a great find! I am sure you will be having them again 🙂

15 12 2008
Nathalie (Spacedlaw)

There is an Italian equivallent, although it does not use chèvre but a much softer cheese (tomini), I think from Piedmont area.
This looks good!

16 12 2008

Anne – You know it! 🙂

Nathalie – I bet that Italian version is heavenly!

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