Thanksgiving in Pictures

1 12 2008

My Thanksgiving week in 12 pictures

1. Supermarket Spoils, 2. Steaming Chestnuts, 3. Mushrooms at the Market, 4. Fresh Porcini!, 5. Potimarron Peels, 6. Washed Fingerlings, 7. Exploded Garlic, 8. Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding, 9. Buttered Turkey, 10. Nick’s Mad Carving Skills, 11. Potimarron-Fingerling Gratin, (recipe here) 12. Candlelight Crisp

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2 responses

1 12 2008

Yay pictures! They are beautiful. I’ll send you a link, when I get mine up (i.e. when I rescue my Neufbox from La Poste). Hope you have a great week!

14 12 2008

It looks like you were wanting for nothing, even without the fresh cranberries! Happy Holidays!

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