31 10 2008

Or, The Modern Procheesius

Just in time for Halloween, I smacked together a jumble of Ingredients That Needed To Be Used and called it Macaroni and Cheese.

Tillamook Cheddar?  Good.  Chorizo?  Good.

Which it was.  Only I didn’t have macaroni, so I used twirly pasta instead.  And I also threw in some chopped up chorizo, because hog+cheese=good things.  And some peas, because I was going to serve them on the side, but then decided I didn’t want to get another pot dirty.  But I did take the time to make Béchamel, and I used 100% Tillamook cheddar, just because I could (and because the damn refrigerator still hasn’t been fixed and I’ll be really upset if I have to throw Tillamook away).

Normally, when I make Macaroni and Cheese, I make fresh breadcrumbs, toss them with a little butter, and use that to top the gooey cheesy deliciousness.  Being Cuisinart-less, I resorted to using boxed breadcrumbs, which, in retrospect, was a mistake.

Don't call it casserole!

Still, it tasted homey, and was the perfect meal for yet another cold, rainy night.  The chorizo gave little bursts of smoky goodness, and the peas kept us from feeling like total pigs.  In fact, Nick gave me an engagement ring over a very similar meal almost exactly four years ago.

Happy Nevada Day!

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31 10 2008
Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer

I love your version and the curly noodles are a great change!! This looks so good…

1 11 2008

Thanks for visiting me too! I love your recipe to use up items on hand! I love to cook that way. It’s a fun challenge and so satisfying when it turns out so good.

1 11 2008
Betty C.

Oh my God, can you get Tillamook Cheddar in Paris? That’s from my state!

Your post today sums up my entire current cooking philosophy — making good stuff from what I have on hand. No recipes, no planning, just dealing with what’s in the fridge — with some decent results, I might add.

1 11 2008

I adore “The Modern Procheesius”, and I also adore peas in mac n’ cheese! It does cut back just slightly on the feeling of crapulent self-indulgence.

1 11 2008

Cathy – Thanks, it was really tasty! Worth going out and getting chorizo for, even.

Laurie – I know, I feel the same way.

Betty – No, that was brought back from the States by my husband. Sorry. 🙂

nererue – I’m so glad somebody got that!

3 11 2008
Apples and Butter

I adore Mac and Cheese and this looks like a great variation! I would absolutely throw in the peas and claim I was doing something healthy. And the comment about the engagement ring? Almost welled up – I am a total softy. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

4 11 2008

I’m so pleased to be getting so much support on the peas!

8 11 2008
All Natural Dog Treats

I would normally question a meal such as the one you made but since I have tried a few of your other meals I know this one must be good. How do you do it? I never know what items to put together!

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