Worthwhile French Beers: Félibrée

30 10 2008

For my second post in the (hopefully) ongoing French beer series, I will be spotlighting an organic beer called Félibrée.


Brewed in the Dordogne region using organic hop flowers, this beer is produced in small batches that apparently have a tendency to vary.  The one I tasted had a light bitterness set off by a hint of acidity on the finish.  It is unfiltered and unpasteurized, which adds to the handmade feel of the beer.

Nick commented that it tasted a bit like a homebrew he once made.  I concurred.  Félibrée definitely has that homemade quality.  It is by no means a perfect beer, but somehow that adds to its charm.  If I wanted a sterilized, predictable macrobrew, I’d have a Kronenbourg.  Like anything, when you start mass-producing beer, you lose a certain amount of character in favor of putting out a consistent product.  The slight flaws in the Félibrée (a little too sour, a little funky smelling) render it endearing and charismatic in a way that a technically perfect beer can never be.

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30 10 2008

Hey CC!

Long time….Hope all is well….I have much catching up to do as I’ve been ‘away’ from the blog scene for quite some time….

I’m heading to Paris this weekend with a girlfriend – if you’re around a warm cup of coffee/tea and a treat at some fabulous patisserie (of your recommendation) would be divine. I’ll be staying close to the Louvre. Would love to hook up.


31 10 2008

So I’ve suggested that sheeats and the rest of the houston food gang should try to have a french beer night…I think we might be able to find these that you’ve recommended…
That would be most excellent!
Keep’em coming… 😉

31 10 2008

Dish – Goody!

Jody – Most excellent indeed! I will continue the search…

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